New Bus Schedule for Ames Schools After Spate of Issues

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AMES, Iowa — The Ames Community School District starts a new bus schedule Tuesday after more than two weeks of late arrivals and missed stops.

According to the Ames Tribune, the district sent out letters and emails to parents last week detailing the new schedule.

Drivers have also been instructed to stop at every stop along the route whether a child is standing there or not.

The changes come after complaints from parents.

Administrators place part of the blame on changes in the length of the school day.

The district contracts with Durham School Bus Services.

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  • Kris Gross

    Well, so much for new times and routes! “We’re working on the issues,” they said…”New bus routes and new pickup/dropoff times,” they said….GRRRRR!!! So, I usually take my middle schooler to school every Wednesday because it’s late start that day and I like that I am able to bring him those days. As we leave at 9:00, I see kids standing on the corner waiting for the bus, since that’s the time they’re SUPPOSED to be picked up. After dropping off Alex at 9:12 am, and running a couple errands I come back home and see the same kids STILL WAITING FOR THE BUS AT 9:45!!! WTH?!?!?
    So, I have just enough room in my van to offer to drive them to school when the tell me they had called the bus company and a bus will be there any minute now. Mind you, classes have already started at the Middle School 15 minutes ago!!! AND NO MIDDLE SCHOOL KID SHOULD HAVE TO CALL THE BUS COMPANY AND ASK WHERE THEIR BUS IS!!!
    OK, I’m fuming upset now!!!

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