Refund for Parents in School Lunch Settlement

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School lunch. (WHO-HD)

School lunch. (WHO-HD)

DES MOINES, Iowa — The parents of thousands of grade school students could be in line for a refund.

It stems from a class-action lawsuit filed against Martin Brothers Distributing and the Iowa Association for Educational Purchasing.

The lawsuit claims the two companies conspired to reduce competition for school lunch contracts. Martin Brothers has agreed to a nearly $2 million settlement.

The money will be refunded to parents who paid for school lunch between January of 2000 and August of this year. Refunds will total $3.50 per student per year.

You can find the list of schools involved in the settlement and instructions on how to join the lawsuit and file a claim here.

All claims must be filed by the end of the month.


  • crappysettlement

    I love how the eligible schools list was so thoroughly shuffled that neither were in alphabetical order or any kind of order that doesn’t require looking at each and every line. make it as difficult as possible to find your school. and lawyers wonder why people think they are scum of the earth.

  • Lena

    I was able to get it to work. Also, try pressing CTRL F to bring up the search function on the list of schools. Then just type in your school name.

  • dragon2450

    I think the money should just back to the school system. $3.00 after the lawyer fees is not worth filling out the form and cashing the check. I would get a total of 9.00 dollars back. Better to let the school system buy books with it or something useful.

  • JoMae

    Any school who chooses to hire these contract companies instead of keeping their own employees. Thinking it will save in the long run on benifits, retirement, insurance, and what not. Deserve a swift kick in the teeth. You dont know the kind off people they hire. They change like clockwork, they’ll steal you blind when they decided its just not working for them. You really have no idea. Keep your state employees your kids and their school will be safer and the food will most likely be much, much better quality.

  • Tom

    I’ve been in the food service business 30 years as a competitor of Martin Bros. I can tell you the schools that were part of this were getting the lowest prices I’ve ever seen. $3.50 per year equals less than .02 per meal. The lawyer abused the system and made lots of money. Sad.

  • s

    Worked as a food service manager for a number of years and never felt I could trust Martin Bros- I never even felt comfortable with their food reps! Guess I was right —-

  • Daphne Wilson

    I’ve seen Martin as a food vendor, medical supply vendor and Pharmacy vendor; shady on all fronts. Doing business “above board” is not a concept they are familiar with. If only the feds had time.

  • Terri

    I got the form to work just fine, but what amazes me is the cost of lunch is so high at our school that for each year per child I have they will each receive a meal and a half back for each year in school, big deal, not

  • J

    Everyone is entitled to their opinion, but dragging a company’s name through the mud without knowing ANY of the facts, seems pretty childish and petty to me. Think about that the next time you post your uneducated slander.

  • ja

    Martin Bros is a foodservice supply company. They do not provide staff to the schools or prepare the meals for students. I, like Tom, have worked for many years in the foodservice industry as a competitor; Martin has a great reputation as a very good and fair company. The pricing charged to schools is extremely low and more than fair; if schools hadn’t paid these prices, parents likely would have paid higher prices for the meals they purchased for their children. The IEC, on the other hand…Just my opinion.

  • Cheryl Sevedge

    Martin Bros. has been around for many years. I am sad to hear that they have profited by taking advantage of our next gens. Parents, be aware that your $ are being compromised by contracts at a higher level than the lunch ticket. Really?


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