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Mother Releases Shocking Video of Motorcyclist’s Fatal Crash to Raise Awareness

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WARNING: While the above video does not contain graphic images, it includes content some may find disturbing.

NORFOLK, England — A mother has allowed the release of a video showing her son’s final moments.

The motorcyclist David Holmes, was killed when a car crossed into his path on the A47 in Norfolk. He died instantly.

David, 38, was wearing a helmet camera when he plowed into a turning car at 97 mph. The speed limit on that stretch of road is 60 mph.

Holmes’ mother, Brenda, is also seen in the video, which was released on YouTube this week. In her on-camera interview, she begs not only motorcyclists, but drivers to be more attentive on the roads.

“This isn’t an easy thing to do but I just hope that somebody benefits from it,” Brenda said. “That motorists slow down and look before they turn into junctions.”

His mother acknowledged that she realizes her son was traveling at a high rate of speed the day of the accident.

According to the London Daily Mirror, the driver of the car received 12 months of community service and an 18-month driving ban after pleading guilty.


  • Poet

    I don’t agree with the driver of the vehicle getting in trouble as a bike going that fast can appear so quickly. I’m sure they feel very saddened and terrible over the incident and would accept any fault or blame to attempt and appease the guilt and remorse they must feel, I can only imagine how it must feel. My heart goes out to all involved.

  • j

    Considering the bike was driving straight (as was the car), he definitely saw the motorcycle if he looked. To be fair, he probably didn’t expect the bike to be driving as fast.

  • JodyJ

    Speed was the factor. Even his mother said he loved the speed. A Bike going that Fast? You cannot see them coming! They appear out of nowhere .. Sorry for your loss. Hope the driver of the vehicle was not hurt. A thing like this? Will Also effect the driver of that vehicle for the rest of their lives !! I know it would me ..

  • Terry

    The guy on the motocycle was 37mph over the posted speed limit this accident was clearly his fault for being stupid.

  • Rebecca of Hamilton

    Really? A man lost his life, and your takeaway is searching for fault? O.K. Yes he broke the law and drove like a fool. The other driver had an obligation to yield before making a left turn. They were both equally responsible. They both received the consequence of their action. One received court sanctions, the other lost his life. It’s a done deal. Maybe the takeaway here should simply be a lesson of rethinking how we behave on the roadways.

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