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SE Polk Schools to Continue with Warehouse Development Lawsuit

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se polk lawsuit

PLEASANT HILL, Iowa — The Southeast Polk school board is moving forward with a lawsuit to stop Pleasant Hill from approving development of a warehouse near the school.

The Des Moines Register reports the school board voted four to two Thursday night to continue the district’s involvement in opposing the 71-acre project.

In April, board members voted to join a lawsuit filed by a group of residents trying stop Pleasant Hill from moving forward with the project.

A Polk County district judge ruled in August that Pleasant Hill acted legally in changing its urban renewal area.

The district has accrued about $30,000 in legal fees related to the case. Pleasant Hill has spent nearly $150,000 on legal expenses related to lawsuits brought by the group Concerned Citizens of Southeast Polk School District.


  • BrutallyHonest

    Yea, fight new jobs coming to your community. How is a warehouse a safety concern, not like its a nuclear power plant.

  • Troy V

    Maybe you shouldn’t have built your school by a major highway…. or actually consulted the DOT before building there (the road plans for expansion (65/69 bypass for example) are usually on hte books for 20 years before construction begins.

    But, what will happen is that warehouse will end up farther down 163 toward Mitchellville and Prarie City and all those trucks that aren’t going to go in front of the school if they build the warehouse in Pleasant Hill will end up doing just that and then there will be more complaints about all the traffic on 163 in front of the school.

    The school district and school board is WASTING taxpayer $$$$. When it comes down to it, they will lose in court as it’d be like the warehouse sueing if a school wanted to be built near them.

    • 163er

      Yeah, I doubt it is truly about safety since there’s already a 4 lane road going right by the school. Are they going to file lawsuits to stop traffic from ever increasing on this stretch of road? My speculation is this has more to do with the aesthetics and perception of having a large warehouse near the school and nearby residences. Complaints about aesthetics and perceptions won’t get far so they through in the safety card to try to get what they want.

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