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Des Moines City Manager Hunt Steps Up

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DES MOINES, Iowa -- It`s taken much longer than expected to find a new city manager, but Monday could see officials make some serious headway.

It’s just the beginning of a major makeover for the city`s management team.

The city has spent months looking for a new city manager and the city now has two more major positions to fill.

In August, Police Chief Judy Brashaw and public works director Pat Kozitza announced their retirement.

Officials haven`t started the search for their replacements yet, but hope to within the next month. A closed door meeting is being held Monday.

In July officials flew out four finalists for city manager. They were prepared to offer it to one person but he withdrew from the search.

Officials decided to start from scratch, closing the pool and reopening it later this summer, hoping to find new qualified candidates.

City council members said they`re happy with the work Interim City Manager Larry Hulse is doing and finding a permanent replacement takes time because it`s a big commitment.

“I think our point of view was that other candidates might emerge and there was no reason to make a quick decision to make a second choice. We`ll continue to look and I think each of us individually have been,” Christine Hensley said.

Officials say they're willing to extend Hulse`s contract until they find a good fit for the city.

According to his contract, Hulse is supposed to get an additional $1,000 every month after working 120 days. And from there he is supposed to get an additional $1,000 raise every 30 days. Meaning in addition to his salary of $167,000 Hulse is getting paid an additional $2,000 a month and is due for another raise in less than 30 days.

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  • Mike Cee

    If the city is happy with the work that Larry Hulse is doing, why not make him the permanent city manager and save all the hiring and headhunter fees?

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