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Oversight Committee Investigates Attorney General’s Office

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DES MOINES, Iowa--The Legislative Oversight committee held a hearing investigating a division ran through the Iowa Attorney General's Office.

“There needed to be some clarification of some procedures where a lot of work was done in which all of us respect and now we`re learning how the future will be different than the past,” says Committee Chairperson Rep. Kevin Koester.

The committee is investigating the administrative practices of the Crime Victim Assistance Division, which helps fund local non-profits that help victims of violent crimes.

The committee held the hearing because of concerns taxpayer dollars may have been misspent or improperly documented.

The program's director, Janelle Melohn, says concerns brought up last session such as a lack of standardized forms were all taken into consideration and new procedures were put into place this summer.

The division will also be joining the state's grant management system which will help keep everything transparent.

“They brought up some legitimate things we were able to put into practice that will help everybody understand or there will be some more transparency going forward,” says Melohn.

Following the hearing, lawmakers said they felt confident the division is following all practices and procedures and is using tax payer dollars appropriately.

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