Car Hits House, Ruptures Gas Line

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car houseDES MOINES, Iowa — A traffic accident turned into an even more dangerous situation after a driver veered off the road, ruptured a gas line and hit a house.

At about 10 p.m. Wednesday, police think the driver may have had a medical condition and jumped the curb.

The driver missed a tree and hit the house in the 3800 block of Hull. A woman was asleep in her bedroom but wasn’t hurt.

However, the car snapped a gas line. Des Moines police evacuated the house while a neighbor pulled the driver out of the car.

MidAmerican Energy cut off electricity to the house to avoid any sparks.

Paramedics took the driver to the hospital, but there’s no word on his or her condition.


  • Brandon

    This story is indeed correct – I should know – because the driver is closely related to me. The driver suffered a seizure while driving, brought on by a recently diagnosed medical condition called “Hypoglycemia”. The driver was driving home their normal route home from work, when they unfortunately blacked out. After the accident/impact, the driver was taken by ambulance to Iowa Methodist Hospital. Fortunately, after a CAT scan, x-rays, blood/lab tests, the driver was released from the hospital suffering only from a mild concussion and understandable body aches. The driver did not receive a ticket for any traffic violations – this was an unfortunate, freak accident. The driver has expressed deep remorse that this happened, and is truly grateful to the people who came to their assistance at the scene. Thank you.

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