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‘Inconsistent’ Statements Discovered in Ellingson Drowning

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DES MOINES, Iowa — We’re learning about more inconsistent statements made by Missouri state troopers following the drowning of a Clive man on the Lake of the Ozarks.

Twenty-year-old Brandon Ellingson drowned while in the custody of Missouri state trooper Anthony Piercy. Piercy picked up Ellingson for alleged drunk boating on May 31st.

The Kansas City Star reports Sgt. Randy Henry interviewed Piercy shortly after the drowning and in a document never before disclosed, Piercy told Henry he was “in a hurry” when he put the life vest on Ellingson.

The vest came off when Ellingson fell out of the trooper’s boat.

There are other inconsistencies in Trooper Piercy’s story, such as how fast he was driving the boat, that jurors seated for a coroner’s inquest never heard.

Last week, they ruled Ellingson’s drowning was an accident.

This week the special prosecutor in charge of the case said criminal charges would not be filed against Trooper Piercy.


  • BrutallyHonest

    Man, when are they going to get over this! This guy was high on cocain and drunk (more than 3 times the legal limit), not to mention he is under age. If you want to be mad at someone, be mad at the coke dealer and the person that purchased the alcohol. He would never have been in the troopers boat if he wasnt doing drugs and drinking and operating a boat. Get over it. Its a terrible incident, but the blame should go no further than the first act of irresponsibility.

    • Sam Byers

      Tragic story all the way around, but, frankly, I’m tired of hearing about it. This family is out for BLOOD. This young man set into motion the whole, horrible sequence of events. Unfortunately for him, he ended up in the custody of someone who wasn’t properly trained. No booze, no cocaine, no missteps, no arrest, no drowning. It’s all on him. This family needs serious counseling. I’m sorry for their loss, but they will never get past this if they don’t stop their witch hunt.

    • John

      You must be part of the cowardly police state, with your threatening but anonymous name, not to mention total lies about cocaine (which you can’t even spell). This makes me believe you are a hired troll working to spread lies and disinformation, a’la Cointel Pro. You are a traitor to humanity, and most likely an horrible human being.

      • Sue

        John, no one is lying about the cocaine, unless the news is…it is right in the articles that he was well over the legal limit and also had cocaine in his system. Doesn’t mean he deserved to die, but, he certainly was putting other people in grave danger doing what he was doing.

      • Sue

        Oh, and John, your name is pretty anonymous as well. So, you really shouldn’t be jumping on Brutal for his screen name. Lots of us use screen names. I don’t want you people to know where I live or who my family members are. There are some intense people out there. Also, if you are going to jump on Brutal for his spelling, perhaps you should re-read your posts for grammatical errors. ‘an horrible human being’, I believe that would be ‘a horrible human being’ since ‘horrible’ does not start with a vowel. I don’t generally pick on spelling and grammar, mine isn’t always right. But, your post is WRONG and you are doing exactly what you are attacking someone else for!
        Maybe you are one of the underage drunks that was with Brandon that day….or MAYBE you are his drug dealer and that’s why you don’t want people to know that Brandon had drugs in his system.
        how does it feel to have your credibility attacked because you have a differing opinion?

    • Right Wing Patriot

      Dude, you are sick in the head. Your rational is bizarre at best. Once you are in custody, it is the officers responsibility to provide ultimate care with the suspect. Besides, this young man WAS going to receive a citation for under age drinking and operating a boat with under the influence. NOT DIE.

    • BrutallyHonest

      Bring on the law suit. I have not stated anything other than facts. Sorry that this guy died, but he put himself in that position, no one else did. He doesnt drink under age and do cocain and he doesnt get arrested simple as that. Why is no one mad at the person that purchased the alcohol for him? Are they not brining that up because it was the parents that purchased it??

  • JodyJ

    This is a Very Tragic Incident. A Trooper? Lying?!! That is enough to File Charges Against him, Let alone? Did Not put the Life Preserver on him appropriately ! This Young Man Did NOT deserve ANY of his mis-treatment he received while under the Troopers “CARE” The Trooper should be charged with Manslaughter. Both of them ! Driving the boat at such speeds that caused this young man’s demise. Prayers to Brandon’s Family and Friends. I hope Justice Prevails !

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