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More Changes Pending For Vicious Pitbull Owner

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DES MOINES, Iowa -- The Des Moines man accused of using his pit bull as a weapon earlier this week is facing additional charges.

Joshua Stoll was charged with a hate crime for allegedly commanding his pit bull, Rider, to attack a black man. Another man said the dog also attacked him in front of his children in July. The Des Moines Police Department's humane officer now says five more charges will be tacked on to Stoll’s record.

The city's ordinance deems pit bulls as vicious dogs. The city requires vicious dogs to be licensed, vaccinated and insured. The city's humane officer says the owner did not meet of the city's requirement and the dogs were not on a leash at the time of both incidents.

Further investigation will determine if the dog is considered dangerous and if it should be euthanized.

"For a dangerous animal to be deemed dangerous, it has to bite or claw someone on two separate occasions within a 12 month period and we have that, says Sgt. James Butler. "At this point I have to admit that according to the code it would appear that Rider does rise to the level of being dangerous under our current definition."

The dog remains in quarantine until a decision is made.

Stoll is still being held in the Polk County Jail on a $6,000 bond. Authorities plan to file the additional charges tomorrow.


  • BrutallyHonest

    Keep tacking on the charges! He deserves every single one of them. Maybe that will deter these kind of idiots from owning a dog of this breed. People like this give this kind of dog a bad rep. Although, i am skeptical of any kind of dog that i do not know regardless of the owner. German Shepards definately keep me on my toes just as much as any pit bull would.

    • JstLvng

      A German Shepard got me! Lunged and bit. I’m with you I don’t trust any dog I don’t know. Hope no one bails this P.O.S. outta jail. let him stay their and rot!

    • 131313

      IAM…. Thank you for the information but the pit bully nutters will still come on here and say a teacup poodle is as dangerous as a pitttybully lol.

      • iamjoespinkyfinger

        I honestly don’t consider pitbulls or any other breed inherently dangerous. The attacks I’ve been able to read details about all point back to the environment the animal was raised, and in some cases, it doesn’t appear to really have been an attack per se.

        If you look at the statistics further, pitbull mixes and GS mixes both had significantly lower rates of attack than the purebreds. of there breed. I’d be interested in learning why.

  • Hate the haters

    From my prospective I’m asking if there was another time before this why was he not charged? It’s all here say. That’s was then thus us now. And channel 13 loves stirring the pot. You mentioned awhile back he was drinking and driving I understand but why was it kept hush hush by channel 13 about their anchor drinking and driving down the wrong way and going to jail! Lol! The media is a joke!

  • Randy Graven

    I’d like to know why there is no DUI charge. Some housewife has a drink, then gets rear-ended by a tailgater,ends up in jail, but this dirtbag drives drunk, commits several assaults including running someone off the road,and no DUI? What’s going on here?

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