Company Offers Solutions To Iowa’s Cannabis Law

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DES MOINES, Iowa--Thursday a group of lawmakers met to discuss the state's medical cannabis law.

Parents and medical professional testified that it's filled with problems, and some lawmakers agreed.

Iowa parents wanting to take advantage of the state's medical cannabis law continue to hit road block after road block.

Families that qualify under the law can't access the oil because the state is still working on implementing rules.

Once those rules are set, buying medical cannabis in another state and transporting it across state lines would be illegal.

That's where i-CANN hopes to step in and help.

“There are certain things we can do now to allow for the distribution of this oil that`s available nationally and in different states that`s produced from hemp that`s our short term solution for the state of Iowa,” says iCANN CEO and Co-founder Boris Shcharansky.

Shcharansky’s company aims at providing cannabis products to consumers. He’s worked with patients, doctors and lawmakers to help provide cannabis solutions in Iowa.

He says hemp oil, made from the stock of the plant, is legal and is already helping those suffering from seizures...

However, Shcharansky agrees for a long-term solution we need to grow medical cannabis in Iowa.

“I think we would be very well served especially for the patients that really need this cannabis oil to grow hemp, grow certain strands of cannabis under regulated conditions under state oversight and dispense it to the correct patients,” says Shcharansky.

In a close vote, six to four, the committee passed a motion to start the conversation about expanding the law next session.

It's a decision Democratic gubernatorial candidate jack hatch agrees with.

“I support the proposed changes to allow cannabis oil to be used as prescribed by a doctor by families seeking treatment for their loved ones. Iowa should be sanctioning responsibly operated and regulated dispensaries. We also should be expanding the permitted uses of cannabis oil to other maladies for which it has been shown to offer medical benefit,” said Sen. Hatch in a statement.

However, Gov. Branstad says we need to work on the current law before rushing into new legislation.

His communication’s director Jimmy Centers said, “Governor Branstad empathizes with those suffering from severe medical aliments such as epilepsy. He believes the state needs to exercise caution when considering expanding a law that has only been in effect for about ten weeks.”

The committee also voted to recommend marijuana be changed to a "schedule two" drug, which means it could be used for medical purposes.

By having a motion it fast tracks the conversation and allows lawmakers to research and prepare for the discussion before the session begins.


  • JodyJ

    I Agree with “KAFF” .. IOWA seems to be one of FEW states that has a problem with Marijuana. Cannot STRESS enough on How much WORSE Alcohol is then Marijuana. Marijuana should be legal for ALL Medical Conditions that require it. NOT just for Seizures. Do You Realize the Opiate Problem here? Pain killers? If Marijuana was legalized, you have null to none on the Opiates. Let alone what they do to your body. Liver Function, all that. There should be Many Pro’s for this Medical herb then Con’s. Think about it when you vote. I am very sick. Have appointments for Hematology and Oncology. Any More bad news for me? Colorado bound for me. Before I go taking all sorts of pain killers and RX Narcotics that will kill off my Liver !!

  • Dan

    We don’t need everybody rollin a big fatty. And did anyone check on the second hand pot smoke? What about Al Gore and cronies? Pot surely is bad for the ozone. What would this do for farming? Can’t have a crop that doesn’t need subsidies. We could lower welfare payment’s because pot would be cheaper. Course nobody would want to work

  • iamjoespinkyfinger

    Have to do some research into this company, Marinols maker spent a lot of money helping spread lies about cannabis while it tried to get it’s Marinol on the market, one would hope iCANN would not be doing similar.

    In the meant time, people should just ignore the government and do what they know is right for themselves, and if the state tries to prosecute another dying man or the parents of a sick child, we’ll see if all these so called “patriots” are really patriots or just hypocrites.

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