Biden Says Middle Class ‘In Real Trouble’

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DES MOINES, Iowa--Vice President Joe Biden delivered a populist-themed speech in front of Iowa's State Capitol building, stoking speculation he may be considering another presidential run.

Biden's staff called his trip an "official" visit, as part of his duties. But the stop had the feel of a campaign event, as Biden saluted Democratic lawmakers in the audience, as well as union members. And he criticized Republicans for promoting policies that further widen the country's growing wealth gap between the richest Americans and everyone else. "Why on earth," Biden asked the crowd of about 250 people, "Does someone who makes tens of millions of dollars managing a hedge fund pay 15% in taxes when a guy or woman working at General Motors making $55,000 a year pays 25% a year in taxes."

The liberal, social justice group "Nuns on the Bus" organized the event. The group focuses attention on taking away the influence of money in politics.

Biden singled out several issues in need of action, those that have stalled in congress. He urged lawmakers to raise the minimum wage and pass immigration reform.

But most his speech focused on pushing plans that will better the  middle class. Among his lines:

"Are corporations overtaxed? Are you kidding me?"

"Look, the middle class is in real trouble."


  • Mike

    The middle class is indeed in real trouble. And under the Obama administration, the purchasing power of the middle class has shrunk even more and the gap between the rich and poor has accelerated. Facts are facts and lies are lies!

  • Germain

    Amen to both 3 and Mike on their comments. The audacity of this administration never ends. They cause huge problems and then act like they’re the answer to our prayers. If it weren’t so pathetic, one would have to laugh. Unfortunately, those of us taking the hit don’t find it amusing.

  • Right Wing Patriot

    The average median income in America has dropped by roughly $3000 per year under the Obama presidency. So yeah, the middle class is struggling thanks to you Joe.

  • Fiddlesticks

    Joe Biden and the Nuns on the Bus. A gathering of wacko’s for sure. Does Biden have a brain, or did it seep out through his hairplugs? Are these bus-hopping nuns really nuns? Nuns supporting the ‘abortion party’ just seems a bit out of line. Got to figure they’re a group of phonies, which would figure considering they’re liberals.

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