New Group Says Stop the Fat Talk

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AMES, Iowa --A new group at Iowa State University is raising awareness about body image and eating disorders. The group BIEDA, which stands for body image and eating disorder awareness, formed last semester. It’s planning a new event this weekend .

Chloe Lundquist says, “The goal of our club is to increase awareness on eating disorders and to de-stigmatize eating disorders and also provide resources for those who are struggling.”

Lundquist says it’s an important cause for her. She says, “I personally struggled in high school, and it made me realize it’s what I wanted to do with my life, so other people didn’t go through it as well.”

More than twenty students are a part of the group. It reaches out to local schools and holds a week of events in February. It will host a 5k run/walk this Saturday. Lundquist says, “We figured 5k’s are a good way to get a wide variety of people, and it would give us an opportunity to really increase awareness to that wide variety of people.”

It costs $15 to register. Money will help the young group start new programs. But, the main goal is to raise awareness. BIEDA Secretary Naomi Mielke says, “When people hear eating disorders, they think a lot of things, like why don’t you just eat. You hear a lot of questions like that where it’s more of a disease than just want to be thin.”

The event will also include inspiring quotes along the route. The group also wants people to stop saying they're fat and embrace a healthy body image. Mielke says, "Even like going to a store and trying on clothes, you hear someone in the stall next to you, and you hear 'oh, I'm so fat in this,' and it's almost kind of heartbreaking to hear things like that because you should just feel beautiful no matter what size you are. And, if the clothes don't fit, try something else."

The 5k starts at 9 at Iowa State. You can register before the event that morning at Carver Hall. Or, click here to sign up online.

Call the Eating Disorder Association Helpline at 1-800-931-2237, if you or someone you know has a body image or eating disorder.

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