Full of Felines! Area Shelters Desperate for Adoptions

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DES MOINES, Iowa -- Inside out and outside in -- up high, down low.

“They’re all over you!” says volunteer, Hannah Banes.

And under you, among, around, even on our camera!

“Thirty-six of them," says Martha Wittkowski, director of the Animal Lifeline shelter in Des Moines. "That’s a lot of cats!”

Too many for Animal Lifeline.  Fall is always a busy season, but this is the fullest it’s been.

“We’re turning special needs cats away right now because we don’t have any room to help them,” says Wittkowski.

And the room will only get tighter as the babies grow into kittens, the kittens into cats, and the cats into, well, hopefully a new family will come calling.

“We need adoptions,” says Banes.

“When people adopt from us," Wittkowski adds, "they help two—the one that they’re taking home and the one that we can bring in then because we have space.”

Food is good, a shelter is better, but a real home is best of all.  And until some new ones open their doors, these places will have too many faces.


  • fortloa

    Thank you for encouraging adoptions, however, if news stories like this would also encourage spaying and neutering, there would be a loving home waiting for all cats born. Animal Lifeline is a no-kill shelter, but let’s remember thousands (yes THOUSANDS) of kittens and cats are killed each year in Des Moines simply because they are “extra”. Please, please, please…..spay and neuter your pets.

  • Arielson

    All shelters are overloaded with animals this fall. It’s a pity that special needs cats are being turned away. Hopefully more people will turn to adoption to help ease the congestion in shelters.

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