Poll: Branstad Takes Large Lead Over Hatch

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DES MOINES, Iowa — Iowa’s incumbent governor is all but unbeatable according to the people who took the latest poll on the race.

The Quinnipiac University poll of more than 1,100 likely voters shows Governor Terry Branstad with a 60-37 percent lead over his challenger, State Senator Jack Hatch.

Branstad has huge leads among the Republicans surveyed but also holds a large 62-33 percent lead among independents.

The director of the survey says barring one of the biggest turnarounds in American history, Governor Branstad will become the longest serving governor in the history of the United States.


  • Mike Cee

    It is very clear that the style of political games, half truths and downright false political ads done by the Hatch campaign turned off voters in droves. Rather than run a campaign of substance Jack Hatch made the decision to turn everything negative and spend all his time on the attack. Voters have grown weary of Hatch’s style of politics, and quite frankly the failures of Vilsak and Culver certainly didn’t help.

    Vilsak and Culver nearly bankrupted Iowa-voters seem to have longer memories than the democrats give them credit for. This election will be a landslide-a huge landslide.

    • Sue Smith

      The Branstad ads are negative and show little about Branstad’s true leadership ability and lies. There are thousands of signs along the roads in the state. Unfortunately, Hatch needs to get his name out there also. There is a lot to be said for name recognition.

    • John

      Take a minute, apply some actual thought and reasoning instead of rote recitation of the party line. What has Branstad actually done? Signing bills the legislature passes, does not create or suppress a deficit especially when you start from a $100,000,000 hole he dug for Orascam, even his spending surpluses don’t come close to that number but they will drive our state deeper into debt for years to come. (tax credits are actually state spending without the actual revenue- kinda like kiting checks for the civilians) Congressional action at Obama’s request put the brakes on the recession and the whole hole Iowa was getting dragged into with the rest of the country- Branstad actually resisted EVERY single thing except accepting money and the resulting jobs recovery had nothing to do with Terry except for the 100 or so for the Orascam construction and future 100 or less permanent jobs it will create….
      Look at Branstad’s ads to see if HE did anything, every single point he takes credit for is the work output of others. Just like speeding, cronyism, bad deals, secret agreements, harassment, Terry doesn’t know what he has done just like governor Lepetomane ( Mel Brooks) in Blazing saddles, Branstad probably has to have someone put his pen in the pen holder and then takes credit for it…. He hasn’t done a thing for Iowa in 20 years but people are too stupid to actually think beyond the party line! (if it’s on TV it must be true… beam me up)

  • 131313

    Didn’t polls before the last presidential election have Romney winning? LOL I worked at a call center once that conducted these polls. The vast majority of calls went to land lines that belong to old, white conservatives. We rarely called cell phones and when we did nobody answered.

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