Arrest Made In Oakridge Apartment Complex Murder

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Des Moines, Iowa - After nearly five months of investigating, Des Moines Police have made an arrest in connection to the murder of a Des Moines teenager.

On May 7th, 19 – year – old Ameisha Heard was shot in the back of the head at the Oakridge Neighborhood apartment complex.

Witnesses say someone fired six to eight shots outside the apartment building. Police say 23 – year – old LB Goodjoint is the man responsible for her death.

Goodjoint was pulled over in a routine traffic stop but tried to out run police. He was placed in custody late Friday night and charged with 1st degree murder.

“I want to solve this case as much as their family wants this solved. The victim deserves to have justice served at some point," says Sergeant Jason Halifax. "It`s very frustrating to go through that but very gratifying when you can reach an end like this.”

Authorities say dozens of people witnessed the event on scene but few were willing to talk with investigators. “Mothers Against Violence” organizer, Calvetta Berry, says her organization encourages witnesses to share what they know.

“The problem is thinking it’s not your problem, I think it’s all our problems. We should all join together, unite and stop being afraid,” says Berry. “This could have been your child and you would have wanted someone to speak out.”

Goodjoint plead guilty to weapon charges in 2012. He’s currently being held in the Polk County jail.


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