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Templeton Rye Facing Consumer Fraud Lawsuit

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CHICAGO, Illinois — A Chicago law firm has filed a class action lawsuit against Iowa-based whiskey maker, Templeton Rye.

The suit claims the company misled consumers with stories of the whiskey’s Prohibition history. The lawsuit comes after it was revealed the whiskey is not distilled in Iowa, but in Indiana.

It says the company violated the Iowa Consumer Fraud Act, and worked to deceive consumers.

Last month Templeton Rye agreed to change its label to accurately show where the whiskey is distilled. It hopes to begin building a distillery in Templeton and bring its distilling functions to Iowa.

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  • Sue

    I can see where people would be angry. I know people that paid a lot of money for a bottle of this stuff thinking it was ‘exclusive’ and was made in small batches. If I understood KCCI’s article right, this stuff is made by the truckloads, then the entire batch is split up and bottled under a multitude of names.
    I don’t drink whiskey and have never seen this, but, from what the bloggers were saying the bottle doesn’t say that it was made and bottled in Iowa. It says it was made and bottled by Templeton Rye, LLC, which is in Iowa. So, they are ok on THAT part, but, if they were lying about the small batches and pre-prohibition recipe, THAT is a problem.
    It’s kind of like paying a lot for a birthday cake that you are told this person will be making from scratch for you, then finding out they got it at Walmart (who told me they get their cakes in frozen from a giant factory somewhere), put it in a pretty box with their name on the label and sold it to you for 3 times what they paid for it. (and what you could have got it at). People are willing to pay more for quality and uniqueness, but, if they are paying more for that, they better be getting that!

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