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Audit: FEMA Flood Money Used Improperly

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CEDAR RAPIDS, Iowa — A federal audit is accusing the Federal Emergency Management Agency of wasting $12 million.

Following the 2008 floods, FEMA approved more than $20 million in funding to replace four buildings in Cedar Rapids.

According to the audit, FEMA failed to follow its own guidelines and should have repaired the buildings instead of replacing them. Repair costs totaled for the buildings would have been $8.6 million.

Because FEMA improperly approved the funding, the federal government is not asking to be reimbursed.


  • JJ

    And this is only FEMA. Now if obstructionist Harry Reid would just allow a vote in the Senate on the Audit The Federal Reserve bill that passed with over 75% bipartisan support we could expose more improper use of our taxpayer dollars by our inept government.

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