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Spat Could Lead to Cancellation of King/Mowrer Debate

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king mowrer debate

DES MOINES, Iowa — The only debate involving Iowa’s candidates in the Fourth Congressional District may not happen after all.

Republican Steve King is running for re-election against Jim Mowrer. King is threatening to pull-out of their debate because of a Mowrer campaign ad claiming King voted to give himself free health care for life.

King says the claim is false and that he pays 47-percent of the cost of his health care premiums.

In a statement the King campaign says it will quote, “Be forced to reconsider its participation in the IPTV debate if these grossly inaccurate ads are not removed with a formal apology.”

According to the Mowrer campaign, King shouldn’t hold his breath waiting for an apology, “With a record of cutting benefits for Iowans while keeping creature comforts for himself, it’s no surprise that Congressman King would have a meltdown when asked to defend his record.”

The debate is scheduled for October 23rd — as of now.


  • Harold Peedmont

    Lori, before you claim that Mr. Mowrer will “mop the floor with King” perhaps you could cite what Steve King allegedly voted for that gave him “free health care for life.” If you can’t, it just might suggest a bit of desperation on Mr. Mowrer’s part if he has to lie trying to gain a political edge. It might also be interesting to find out how Mr. Mowrer would have voted on the same bill, if it does indeed exist. We will watch anxiously for your response.

  • Borderhawk

    Steve King beats Mowrer on the farm bill, Obamacare and immigration. Extremists like La Raza want open borders. Steve King is with public opinion on halving legal immigration.

  • Joel

    I am an Independent voter and not too keen on Steve King. However, Mowrer doesn’t think the president needs Congressional consent to go to war and he doesn’t support an Audit of the Federal Reserve, which was voted on in the House & passed with a bipartisan majority of over 75% & subsequently blocked by Harry Reid. I looked into voting for Mowrer but instead have decided to vote for neither of them. King will win in a landslide anyway.

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