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Trott Sentenced to Life for Killing Cop

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CALHOUN COUNTY, Iowa -- Earlier this month, it took a jury just 90 minutes to find Corey Trott guilty of first degree murder. Today in a Calhoun County courtroom, he was sentenced to life in prison without parole.

Trott shot Rockwell City Police Officer Jamie Buenting during a stand-off situation last year as Buenting was attempting to arrest him on a seperate assault charge.

During a week-long trial earlier this month, family members sat behind Corey Trott as a jury returned the verdict. This time, in a court room just blocks away from where Trott fired the fatal shot into the neck of Officer Jamie Buenting, family members got to face his killer eye to eye.

"Did anyone mention to you that you shot the wrong person? If you are at all familiar with cell phone lingo, you should have taken a selfie,” said Janet Sterrett, the mother of Officer Buenting.

Trott showed no emotion, as one by one, Buenting's parents, sister, and wife poured their hearts out.

"When I went to tell my daughter the same, with a tear streaked face, she said mommy, aren't the good guys supposed to win? I had to tell her no baby, not always,” said Officer Buenting’s wife, Amanda.

Trott declined to respond. With few dry eyes left in the courtroom, Judge Thomas Bice did his part to give the Buenting family and the community Buenting served some closure

"The defendant is committed to the custody of the director of the Iowa Department of Corrections for the rest of his life without parole,” said Judge Bice.

An attorney for Trott said he plans to appeal the conviction after his request for a new trial was denied.


  • hank Ziebol

    I couldn’t agree more. I would also ask that you in no way honor the the assailant by posting his picture in every article. Let them serve their time for the crime in total obscurity

  • Harold Peedmont

    Steve, I would agree that the language lacks respect for the fallen Officer. Justice would be finding this dirt bag dead in an overheated squad car on his way to the Fort, at a significant savings to the taxpayer.

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