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Marshalltown School Employee on Adminstrative Leave

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MARSHALLTOWN, Iowa -- Marshalltown police are investigating a complaint about a high school teaching assistant.

“On Friday we received a complaint related to a non-licensed employee at Marshalltown High School. We take all complaints seriously, so the employee was placed on leave and the Marshalltown Police Department began an investigation,” said Jason Staker, a spokesperson for the Marshalltown School District.

The female employee has not been charged. Students say she sent a nude photo of herself to a male student and he shared it with his classmates.

“She was just standing there naked and just taking a picture,” said high school senior Lino Rivera.

Police have yet to confirm the allegations.

“The nature and validity of the allegations are still being investigated. We are at the early stages of this investigation and it has not been determined whether or not criminal charges will be filed,” said Marshalltown Police Chief Michael Tupper.

The school district has clear guidelines for staff regarding social media. According to the policy, employees are required to model responsible and appropriate conduct both at and away from school.


  • BrutallyHonest

    Is she even good looking? I mean when i was in school you would have been the school stud if you slept with one of the hot teachers! If they of consenting age and its consentual whats the problem. Bosses sleep with employees all the time.

    • missgabbys

      The problem is that in Iowa, at least for teachers (I know she’s not a teacher but she may be under the same ethics code), teachers are NOT allowed to have relationships with students. It doesn’t matter how old the student is, or where they go to school. Teachers are in a position of power over students.

  • Jay

    Still find it crazy you guys didn’t report on Lynnville-Sully’s principal getting owi and suspended! Partying in Des Moines! #scandal #smalltowniowa

  • MHSFreshamanStudent

    I go to mhs and have seen the picture. My best friend had her for a home room teacher. The photos have now gone viral. Everyone is talking to the senior student and talking about the teacher. Have a little respect and stop making sick jokes about this. This is something you people should NOT joke about.


      Lol freshie if you know so much about what is going on you’d know the student is a JUNIOR not a SENIOR:) so chill out. They both did wrongs and they both know so.

  • peewee

    This is just sick. If someone was doing this to ur kid would u still think it was ok. Glad my kids dont go to this school. This school has deff changed since I went there stabbings perverted teachers what the hell is going on when ur kids r not safe anymore

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