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I-35 Re-Opened Following Crash South of Metro

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WEST DES MOINES, Iowa – Interstate 35 is open again, in both directions, following a multi-vehicle accident Tuesday morning that injured three.

The accident happened in a construction zone between exits 65 and 68, south of Highway 5 shortly after 9 a.m.

West Des Moines police say the accident involved four vehicles: two semi-trucks, a pick-up truck and a car. One of the semis turned on its side blocking all traffic.

Authorities said three people were transported to Mercy Medical Center with non life-threatening injuries.

The road was closed for several hours to allow for crews to clean up a large diesel spill and vehicle debris.

The road was re-opened around 5:45 p.m. Tuesday.

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  • plynitsafe

    This is a mess. I-35 is a death trap. Even with the Construction? Vehicles are SPEEDING through the area, (knowing it is Double the Fine) They JUST DON’T CARE !! I HAD to take I-35 from the HWY 5, It was a total Nightmare. I try at all costs to Avoid that Interstate through IOWA Period !! It is SO far behind times ! Once you get out of Iowa? You should see I-35 in other States. 4 Lanes Always and more “Expressways” then you can count. I Don’t know where all the money goes that Iowa takes in from Cigarette taxes to Prairie Meadows but it sure isn’t going on the Interstates, Roads, Hwy’s, and “By-Passes/Expressways” We SO need here !! That is why SW 9th, SE. 14th., Fleur Dr., Army Post Rd., Watrous, McKinley, .. Just to name a few, are so congested Morning, Noon, and Evening. THINK —> EXPRESSWAYS. Connect them across town, Something !! Traffic Control !! SPEED CAMERA’S ON THE INTERSTATE / Both I-35 And I-80 !!

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