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Workout of the Week: Metabolic Training

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CLIVE, Iowa -- He greets us with a "good morning" and he looks fairly harmless, but we're about to learn that Sophin Sarin pushes people to their limits.

"Come on!  It only weighs 100 pounds," says Sarin, as he prods one of his clients.

Sarin goes by "Coach Pin" and he created Twork It Out Fitness

"It’s about changing your whole lifestyle," says Sarin.  "This is not a quick fix, this is every day for the rest of your life.”

A heart murmur gave Sarin a scare a few years ago, so he changed his career - and his life.

This workout is metabolic, which means it's a lot of work and very little rest.  There are five stations.  Each one is made up of two moves.  Some of them are cardiovascular, others are geared toward strength.

"Every single day is different.  You’re never going to do the same workout twice.  So this workout, it’s the only time you get to do it – Oh, darn," says Sarin laughingly.

He forces his clients to work hard, but that's not all.

"The biggest thing to me is form.  We do it right or we don’t do it at all."

He also makes sure it's fun.

"If you need to throw up there’s a bathroom back there," jokes Sarin, as sweat rolls down our cheeks.

The teasing is also designed to encourage clients, with the realization that changing your life takes hard work, and the willingness to put yourself first.

"This is a place of refuge where you can be selfish, the only place you can be selfish... when you come here you take care of yourself."


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