Appel and Young Square Off in Second Debate

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INDIANOLA, Iowa -- The candidates for Iowa's 3rd Congressional District faced off Monday night in a debate at Simpson College.

This was the second debate for Democrat Staci Appel and Republican David Young. The two talked about Medicare, increasing the minimum wage, and the Supreme Court ruling on same sex marriage.

They also talked about an issue brought up at the last debate, passports for terrorists.

"In that first debate you said you would not be advocating taking away the passports of terrorists. You can't take these things back when you are a member of Congress. Your vote is your vote. You need to be decisive. You need to show leadership. You said that, it's in the first debate, it's on the table,” said Young.

Appel responded, "Let me be absolutely clear, one more time. I do not support giving terrorists passports it's absolutely absurd to think that a mom of six would think it's a good idea for terrorists to have passports. I will do everything possible to keep my family safe and your family safe."

The two candidates are running for the U.S. House seat left open by retiring congressman Tom Latham.


  • Right Wing Patriot

    The contrast is clear……if you like more gov’t (big taxes) and less freedom, then Appel is the choice. If you prefer less gov’t (lower taxes) and more freedom in your life, then vote for Young. If you like the nanny state, then vote for Appel, if you prefer more control of your own destiny, then Young is the choice.

  • Marty Enslow

    Just depends on what your definition of (control of your own destiny) is…. If it’s Clean air,water and energy…Better schools… The right to choose to have control of your own body… The right to choose a life long marriage partner… Then Apple is your destiny………. If your definition is corporate farming… Fossil fuel energy… and big business dictating the future of the country… Then Young is your choice..

    • Right Wing Patriot

      All you can spout is the Democratic talking points. I already have the right to do what I want with my body as well as a life long partner…my wife You may hate it, but fossil fuel drives the economic engine. Big business dictating the country, spare me. Its business that hires the millions of people who then pay taxes to the gov’t you love so much.

  • do ur job

    Fear mongering for the sheeple- the terrorists are coming and going, war on women, global warming/climate change/whatever you want to change it to this week to fit your hypothesis, too big too fail….

  • s

    Appel is clearly just another demcrap mouthpiece, she does not appear to know a heck of alot. Dare I say it…….hair color fits!

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