Ernst and Braley Speak at Manufacturing Conference

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ANKENY, Iowa--The two candidates for Iowa’s open U.S. Senate seat made an appearance at DMACC Thursday afternoon.

Rep. Joni Ernst and Dem. Bruce Braley spoke to those attending Iowa’s Advanced Manufacturing Conference.

Ernst focused on her Iowa Values and her successes while serving in the Iowa legislature.

She also spoke about the need for some policy changes on the federal level to help manufacturing companies succeed.

“It`s time to stop all the non-sense that`s going on at the federal level, all of the job killing rules and regulations, all of the higher taxes, all of the increased spending. We need some Iowa common sense in Washington D.C.” says Ernst.

Braley talked about the need to attract a younger generation into the manufacturing field.

He also explained why he thinks the U.S. needs to create a national manufacturing strategy.

“There`s a lot of great departments of commerce, national institutes of science and other great programs that are doing research and innovation and can help manufactures become more competitive in a tough global environment,” says Braley.

The annual conference was held at the FFA Enrichment Center located on DMACC’s Ankeny campus.

The Iowa Association of Business and Industry hosted the conference this year.




  • John

    I sure wish Ernst would say something of substance… like explain what Iowa values she has and how she uses them. Showing up for work is an Iowa value that she doesn’t have to any greater extent than Braley. Taking credit for the work of others is something only one other Iowan that I know of, Branstad, and that isn’t an “Iowa Value”.
    If you ask Grassley, he’ll tell you that he is an Iowa farmer, and that he never went to law school, though he won’t say that he’s only visited Iowa while living in Washington since both Bruce and Joni were in diapers…. Ernst appears all set up to be then next embarrassment after King and Cruz, and that we DONT need in Washington on Iowa’s behalf.

    • Right Wing Patriot

      No one has done a better job of staying in contact with the voters than Sen Grassley. You have no idea what you are talking about. And if you think that Ernst is going to be an embarrassment, then you must think the Constitution is embarrasment as that is where her belief system resides. To disgrace a decorated, respected leader of our military is disgraceful. Of course i wouldn’t expedct anything less from a liberal.

  • iamjoespinkyfinger

    Funny, Joni didn;t say anything about all the companies who have closed their doors and moved to foreign countries for cheap labor, which is the main reason manufacturing has left America.

    Joni disgraced her own uniform by dishonestly claiming all her absences from her job were due to her military service when most of them weren’t. She spits on the Constitution by trying to impose her false religious beliefs on others. She proves herself a hypocrite by supporting obscene farm welfare for wealthy republican farmers while decrying social spending for the poor.

    She’s just another two bit worthless reich wing religious hypocrite, nothing more, she like Braley deserves nothing but contempt. These partisan hicks are what’s destroying thiscountry and keeping it from moving forward towards the ideals expressed by our founding fathers.

    She wants to go back to merry old England, and simply replace the royalty with with the wealthy.

    • Right Wing Patriot

      Just curious what religious beliefs is she forcing at you? Does she make you go to church, mass or a synagogue? You don’t know spit about the founding fathers. In fact I bet you have contempt for them. America hater. You’re gonna be squealing a like a stuck pig when she wins in November. Signed: A Proud Partisan Hick.

      • iamjoespinkyfinger

        wow, you have a serious honesty problem just like phony Joni. No surprise there. By the way, ever read what Jefferson had to say about phony little religious hypocrites like you and Joni? Good stuff.

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