First Lady Calls Congressman by Wrong Last Name During Voting Rally

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DES MOINES, Iowa - Friday's visit to Drake University was First Lady Michelle Obama's first visit to the state since 2012.

Mrs. Obama stood behind Democratic Congressman Bruce Braley at the Iowa Votes Rally, encouraging supporters to vote and vote early during the close race midterm U.S Senate election. Polls show the race between Braley and Republican State Senator, Joni Ernst.

"I'm proud to be here for Bruce and if you want a leader who shares your values and stands up for your families out in Washington, then you need to elect Bruce Bailey (Braley) you got do it. We need you to do it."

During the First Lady's 15 minute speech she referred to the congressman by the last name Bailey seven times before someone in the crowd corrected her.

Despite the mistake, she supported Congressman Braley's efforts to work for college students.

The First Lady didn't entirely steal the show, the crowd cheered on Congressman Braley as he said he would work to increase the minimum wage to $10.10 for nearly 3,000 Iowans and fight for women's health to make sure insurance companies cover the cost of birth control.


  • Right Wing Patriot

    This woman is the most arrogant, self-righteous first lady we’ve had. Nice job doing your homework prior to your speech your Majesty. A junior varsity performance.

    • Mern

      and we care about her calling him the wrong name..why?? so many issues here guys… everyone is commenting on the superficial. my father called me my brothers names all the time I grew up… he had a lot on his plate. she has a lot on her plate. you all have way too much time on your hands and do not know even know how to comment on what is important any more. God help us.

  • Pat

    You sound as tho you’re a very good judge of arrogance Mr. Right Wing Patriot….careful you don’t trip on your cape……or some of those stones you’re throwing at my First Lady…. <3

    • Betsy

      O.M.G. Becky, like why are people not stopping everything because there’s like 2 people with ebola in the country. I mean, like, this is important.
      All joking aside John, if you’re going to post a link to a news article, at least post a credible one.

  • Paul

    Yup, she’s a credible voice for the left. How does she…who has no clue who the clown is…know what kind of a leader he’ll be??? Abracadabra big a fool as her old man.

  • Dan

    I wonder how special braley feels now? I would about bet, that even Braley feels like she should have stayed at home now.

    • Right Wing Patriot

      Are you serious….she isn’t a Queen (like she thinks she is). She’s the one that is ignorant/arrogant for not being prepared with her statements. She takes take the time and effort to go stump for someone and you’d think she’d have her act together. As I said,,,,JV performance.

  • Gary Mac

    Um…if she just took a look at ANY spot in that auditorium…she can plainly see Braley’s name everywhere. Or can’t she read, LaQuisha?

  • Mike Cee

    That’s who I’m voting for! Brice Bailey!
    I have a great deal of respect for Michelle Obama, but the Braley campaign never should have brought her here. The President has a lot of baggage and very low approval ratings, and this will give the opposition more ammunition, especially when she flubs his name. It simply makes Braley look foolish, and he’d be much better off distancing himself from the current administration.

  • Wilma

    If only there were some large signs or huge posters with his last name on it somewhere in the auditorium. Then she would have been able to tell everyone in the great star of Idaho to vote for Burt Braely

  • Holly Johnson

    First off let me start with saying that I can’t wait to be rich enough to become a republican. Second off, did no one notice the mistakes in this article? They referred to Braley as a rep at the beginning! The First Lady, Michelle Obama leads a good and decent life and you want to cast stones that she’s too uppity. Really? Your own life must be so miserable that you think you’re someone special and you’re not. Instead, one makes themselves look the fool by saying anything bad about her presence and the way she carries herself. She handles herself with respect as any other First Lady I’ve ever seen. If anything I would say she appears to be a kind and loving mom with humanity as well!! Get a life people. Her mistake isn’t newsworthy!

    • Right Wing Patriot

      Had this been Palin, you would be the first to rip her. And derservedly so. Did you know she held a ‘fashion show’ at the White House’ recently? Talk about tone deaf considering millions of Americans are unemployed or under employed. She is a stuck up elitist. Actually I lead a good life as Iive have a solid standard of living though not rich.

    • Kenny

      Holly, the article referenced Braily as being a representative because he is the representative for the 1st District in Iowa. He is running for Senate.

      Just a quick civics lesson so you do not sound dumb when you make a mistake.

    • Punisher

      Holly, If she is such a loving mom then maybe she should stay out of people’s lives and allow them to raise their kids as they see fit by not forcing their kids to eat what she wants them to in school. Doubt the go by the same regiments at home. Also, let’s not forget the Obamas have invited a rapper who supported a cop killer to the WH in the past. Guess being ‘uppity’ has its perks. Last time I checked there are plenty of celebrities that are Democrats who supported Obama and those who continue to support him now despite all the disappointments.

    • Punisher

      But we’re not talking about just anybody here. We’re talking about Michelle who flew in town on taxpayers dime to endorse a candidate whose name appears everywhere in the building clear as day. Yet she managed to miss it 7 times.

  • Randall

    You all miss the point. This dissociates Bruce with the Obama’s. You cannot say Bruce is in the Obama’s pocket if Mrs Obama herself can’t even remember his name. Masterful move by the First lady. Support, yet dissociation.

  • Mike

    Let’s say you aren’t the first lady of the United States and you are just a regular person. You take a special trip and fly half way across the country to campaign for a candidate. When you get there, you are surrounded by big signs with the candidate”s name on it. How can you not know his name? Really? For all the faults of the Republicans, they can rely on the imploding Obama administration and all their bumbling minions to help win control of the United States senate, and therefore Congress for the Republican Party in the upcoming elections!

  • Williamlap

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