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Romney Joins Ernst at West Des Moines Campaign Stop

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Big names continue to roll into the state campaigning alongside candidates in the race for US Senate.

Friday, it was First Lady Michelle Obama speaking on behalf of Democrat Bruce Braley. Sunday evening, it was former presidential candidate Mitt Romney showing his support for Republican Joni Ernst.

"It’s not just her political philosophy and changing the course in Washington and making them squeal as they deserve to squeal, but also because she's a person of unprecedented character and ability,” Romney said about Ernst.

Romney quickly addressed the elephant in the room saying he wasn’t running for office.

He then attacked the President Obama’s healthcare plan and what he called a lack of action in the Middle East.

That set the state for Joni Ernst who attacked her opponent Bruce Braley on his foreign affairs experience.

"Two days ago, he put out a release saying we need to bring congress back because I think this ISIS situation is really serious. No kidding, Congressman Braley. Where were you two years ago,” said Ernst.

Romney will join Ernst at an event Monday in Cedar Rapids.


  • iamjoespinkyfinger

    Romney…Romney… oh yeah, he’s the hypocrite who stood at Kinzler Products in Ames slamming Obama’s stimulus programs, apparently unaware of how much money his host had received as a result of those programs, including a substantial loan they apparently couldn’t get through regular sources.

    But Joni is a hypocrite too, no less so than her opponent has been in his career. So far this election cycle has been a continual parade of corrupt, self serving hypocrites.

    • iamjoespinkyfinger

      But yet she keeps forgetting the name of a dead Iowa sailor despite being asked about it every time she starts telling us what an awesome combat soldier she is.

      And she never has explained why she thought someone making $250,000 a year should still qualify for $200,000 a year in welfare?

      • DSM Tim

        Better than the millions that do not pay taxes but get a refund as a “earned tax credit” pinky finger you are a hack of the DNC. Your the kind of person that would vote for Stalin if he ran under the Democratic party flag. HAck HAck HAck trollll.

      • Joe Jones

        Phony Joni’s hubby is retired military. No wonder she achieved her rank. She was just a TOKEN female in the Guard. She’s never done anything. She has no concrete plans. She can’t answer questions with a straight answer. AND Romney referred to Braley as BILL Braley.

      • iamjoespinkyfinger

        How cute, just because I don’t like his favorite right wing religious hypocrite, he claims I’m a democrat.

        By the way, the biggest welfare recipients in Iowa tend to be wealthy republicans, and their welfare checks have averaged quite a bit more than a REAL combat soldier makes.

  • Randall

    Romney back in Iowa? Incredible, simply incredible. I thought Joni Ernst really wanted to win? Guess we were wrong.

  • steve wilson

    pretty simple choice–bailey voted for obamacare, amensty, ok’ed bergdahl swap,higher taxes,stimulus, and didn’t do swat about our vets….

    • iamjoespinkyfinger

      She plays games with the sick and the dying, supports welfare for the rich and wants to cram her religious beliefs down our throats.

      Basically you’re telling us the devil is a better choice than a demon, hilarious.

    • John A

      Steve, you weren’t listening– the whole Bergdahl issue was because it was made without congressional approval… please try to verify your complaints or you are part of the problem.

      • DSM Tim

        Hey JOhn you did not address Steves other pointsI think your part of the problem I bet you would even vote for Hillary. If so we can start at travel gate and go from there.

      • John A

        Tim, In your house when you have emergency spending (legitimate or not) you either have to cut back or raise more money. The Bush tax cuts did nothing but cut income (like someone in your house losing a job) while at that same time conducting a legitimate, and another illegitimate war. Braley had no choice other than to raise taxes – we all remember what happened when the republicans shut the government down, and the sequestor is still cutting services. The Stimulus was a reaction to the worst financial catastrophe since the great depression and it benefited us all by keeping unemployment from ballooning and spurring quite a bit of job growth- try to think of how the stimulus affected you either to to positive or negative. I’ve hugely benefited from Obamacare and kept my provider and have freiinds and family members with pre existing conditions who were about to lose their homes. We all have amnesty unless we are American Indians, so yes tim I did think about his response but didnt’ see any validity to his argument.

  • steve wilson

    guess you’ve never heard of DAVID STEYER, the dems billionaire backer who is making a fortune off the XL pipeline NOT being built….. p.s. STEYER has more billions than the kochs… but whose counting

    • John A

      If you have never taken part in cleaning up an oil spill, don’t talk about XL. The ocean is easy to clean because it becomes globs that can be scooped out of the water, land spills are a completely different matter. Imagine a remote spill like they had in ND last year happening in the sand hills, flowing for weeks because nobody passes by, and soaking into the aquifier through the largest static sand dune system in the world..
      I’m all for a contribution limit of $1 for one vote which excludes corporations.

  • Ihatepeople

    Neither side is worth their salt. Both sides have their issues and I don’t want to hear “the lesser of two evils” theory. Both sides suck.

  • John A

    Ernst was a NG officer because she had a college degree: not because she is a leader. She has ‘Iowa Values’ because she was born by Red Oak: the Iowa boys in the pen at Fort Madison have ‘Iowa Values’ too. When nobody else believes, or it has been proven wrong, Ernst believes in WMDs in Iraq, impeachment, that global warming is a myth, that the constitution guarantees that we will honor her religion, or at least her beliefs.
    Listen to what she has stated, not her sound bytes and party schpeil.Think about whether her claims of success are actually hers that she initiated and fought for, or if she voted the party line or simply did her job. Don’t vote before you think- Think before you vote

    • DSM Tim

      John are you kidding. Did you serve. I bet not, your first comment proves that. At least she stood the post. Braley is a moral black hole who would sell his moms soul for power.

      • John A

        I served two enlistments in the Marines. I was a Sgt (E5) by the end of my 3rd year. I’ve seen many officers and aside from the mustangs, warrant officers and a few other exceptions, officers were generally paper pushing obstacles to getting work done and a danger to life and limb without a babysitting senior NCO. They praised Ernst for setting up a phone bank as the transport officer but I’d bet you that was one of the organic duties of her job. Also as a vet, we wouldn’t have had the crisis at the VA if Bush hadn’t lied to get us into Iraq, or if Reagan hadn’t let the Beruit guys die in vain… Kind of like Ebola, the best time to eradicate it is when it first comes up not 40 or 50 years later.

      • iamjoespinkyfinger

        And Joni, while claiming to be a christian, would deny the seriously ill children and dying human beings in Iowa a plant the God she dishonestly claims to worship created for their use. Man you’re pathetic.

    • iamjoespinkyfinger

      Iowan’s are hardcore partisans to the point where if you disagree with them on a single issue, they’ll automatically attack you as an enemy of God or the state depending on what side of the fence they land on. Which means we’ve had billions of our tax dollars stolen and given to people who don;t deserve it and “justice” is something the priviledged elite enjoy while the peasants pay the price.

      But see Joni is a special kind of hypocrite, one that claims God is on her side, an adulterer, from a family of adulterers who likes to claim gays are destroying traditional marriage, she opposes killing the unborn, but then seeks to deny seriously ill children life saving medicine, she claims to be a Christian, yet supported efforts to put a dying man in prison for using a plant God created for relief of his suffering.

      I especially like how all those far right snake handler churches have endorsed her, when you call them to point out the facts they leave out, they become quite childish.

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