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THE INSIDERS: October 12th Edition Part 5 – Lee Hieb

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Libertarian candidate for governor, Dr. Lee Hieb, tackles the Quick 6 and give her predictions for this week.

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  • Ron Greiner

    I predict that on 11/15/2014, just 11 days after the Governor’s election, Iowa parents are going to be SHOCKED to learn that if they use Federal Tax Credits to purchase Individual health insurance on the EXCHANGE that they will have their CHILDREN stripped off of the health insurance of their choice and deposited onto GOVERNMENT health insurance because of Branstad’s expansion of MEDICAID and 10’s of THOUSANDS of Iowa parents are going to be hopping MAD!

    Branstad is also SELLING Blue Cross of Iowa Inc, Wellmark, to part-TIME State of Iowa employees for over $1,000/month or $12,000/year and simultaneously DISQUALIFYING these poor IOWA families of purchasing individual health insurance on the exchange with Federal Tax Credits! Branstad will do anything to line the pockets of John Forsyth, CEO of Welmark, make a dollar or two so this CEO can earn over $5 million per year. It’s like Branstad HATES the children of part-TIME State of IOWA employees and is taking the food from their mouth, the presents from under the Christmas tree, just to line the pockets of this over-paid Blue Cross of IOWA CEO, it’s a nightmare!

    The Des Moines Register’s David Yepsen told me, “The tax-free HSA will NEVER be put-to-print!” That is fancy newspaper talk about censorship or more commonly called PROPAGANDA. I complained to Dr. Neil Harl of ISU in 5/1999 that the Des Moines Register refuses to tell IOWA farmers about the tax-free MSA after it had been going for over 2 years at the TIME. Dr. Harl told me, “If a reporter wrote a story on the tax-free MSA they would be FIRED!” I guess Dr. Neil Harl knew exactly who the Des Moines Register is with their Propaganda and lies to control the people in the great State of IOWA. My Great, Great…Grandfather was in the IOWA 23rd Volunteers in the Civil WAR and these IOWANS certainly taught the TEXANS a thing or two about fighting a WAR. Texas should forget about the Alamo and change the State motto to – remember those IOWANS! Those were some FREEDOM fighting psyhos from IOWA!

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