Eldora Area Trees on the Comeback

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.


ELDORA, Iowa- In 2009 a hailstorm came through Hardin County damaging windows, buildings, and trees. Property damage has been repaired for the most part, but the trees will take longer to fix.

At Pine Lake State Park crews have had to cut down and remove 500 trees which were damaged by the storm. In 2012, a new effort was announced  to save the park. “For the most part the park has fared well since Iowa Parks Foundation we put together a plan to bring Pine Lake back from the Hailstorm,” said Park Manager Don Primus. “During that time 7,000 trees various ages and heights were planted here.”

Primus said all the rain this summer has helped the park in two ways. First, the new growth added 18 inches in some trees. “So the rain this year has really actually helped those trees and the leaf cover,” said Primus.

Primus said he believes the park is just past its peak for fall color,  But for the visitor to the park there is no shortage of colorful photos waiting to be taken.  Primus said the best spot if by the spillway on Lower Pine Lake.  He said you can look back up at the  trees surrounding the lodge.

Pine Lake State Park had a very special group of visitors. DNR officers from around the state came to learn chain saw safety, something Primus and his staff have a lot of experience with.

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