New USA Today Poll Shows Ernst Leading Braley in Senate Race

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DES MOINES, Iowa – A new poll released by USA Today Wednesday afternoon showed Republican Joni Ernst with a narrow lead over Democratic Rep. Bruce Braley in Iowa’s Senate Race.

The poll shows Ernst leading Braley, 47-43%, among likely voters. The poll, conducted by USA Today and Suffolk University, showed 7.4% of voters remain undecided.

A poll released by Quinnipiac University Wednesday morning showed the race is too close to call with 47% of respondents saying they are supporting Ernst, 45% were support Braley.

There are three weeks until the general election.


  • PkD

    Lord help the good people of Iowa if she gets elected! She is not for people of Iowa she is for the Koch Brothers and their money plus she is not a Republican she is a Tea Partier! She states she wants to cut spending but where is her plan – she has none. Joni Ersnt does not represent our values!!!

    • DSM Tim

      PKD, money says your not even from Iowa but a paid troll of the DNC most likely living in CA or Denver, paid to post this garbage on local sites. I would rather have her win that the snake that is Braley. She has at least stood the post and served our coutry and every source out there has pointed out that all Braleys ads are misleading and works of fraud.

  • tom sullivan

    yeah PKD… Brailey is using all his own money for his campaign … no billionairs in his back pocket… cept that money and commercial from the Sierra Club ..a bunch of rich Hollywood libs…. please don’t try to turn Iowa into California

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