Marshalltown Police: Threat Rumors at High School Unfounded

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marshalltown high school

MARSHALLTOWN, Iowa — Police say rumors of threats at Marshalltown High School have gotten out of hand on social media.

Police say it’s snowballed since a fight in the school’s parking lot on Thursday, October 9.

Officers are following up on all rumor concerns they’re seeing, but so far, have found no credible information that there’s a safety threat at the high school.

Police say there’s no evidence to suggest that last week’s fight is gang related, or that there are even any gangs in the community at all.

They say safety is a priority and they’re working closely with the school district, but if you do have any information you should call them.

An e-mail shared with Channel 13 by parents sent by the school’s principal on Tuesday states that tightened attendance policies were implemented starting on Monday.

He says there was some confusion that the school was on a modified lockdown and that’s not the case. He says students have always been required to have IDs visible at all times, and to reduce loitering in the halls and to make sure students are moving from class to class quickly, teachers are asked to lock their classroom doors after the tardy bell rings.


  • mattinwestdesmoines

    They need to change that logo for the wildcat on the school sign. Frightening – looks like a cat on crystal meth.

  • Daniel Vargas

    Actually, we are on a modified lockdown; cops everywhere, if you are even one minute late to class they lock you in the library, if you don’t have an ID they shove you into a room until you can produce one. It really sucks and on top of all that there ARE in fact gangs in this town that could easily shoot up the school. We live in a very bad town and that needs to be fixed, ask any other student and I guarantee they will agree with everything I have said.

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