Speedy Internet Arrest, An Uncommon Affair

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DES MOINES, Iowa -- Des Moines Police say they are pleased with the speedy arrest of the Drake University student who allegedly made a campus-wide gun threat.

Police arrested 18-year-old Michael Crisp on first degree harassment charges early Friday morning. Crisp admitted to posting "Columbine will look like child's play compared to what I'm about to do." Adding he had access to "top tier guns" after stating he was "tired of this campus" on a new social media site called "Yik Yak."

Sergeant Jason Halifax says after campus security was alerted of the messages, Des Moines Police immediately were in contact with"Yik Yak" administrators and the University. Together both parties identified Crisp, tracked his location, found him in his dorm room then later arrested him.

"Frequently harassment cases don’t often result in charges because its difficult to prove where it came from or where it originated. That was not the case here," says Halifax.

The Iowa Division of Criminal Investigation Cyber-Crime Unit says internet investigations are a slow process, taking weeks or even months to complete. However, the unit says it actively tries to remain a step ahead of the internet's rapid progression.

"With the different platforms were talking about, our forensic examiners are really on the front leading and the cutting edge on identifying the new apps and they new apps individuals are communicating on," says Special Agent in Charge, Nathaniel McLaren.

According to the Cyber-Crime Unit internet investigations increase 15 to 20 percent annually.


  • Bob Rooney (@BobRooneyA)

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  • jeffrey ross

    Obama I agree with because I dislike him. They are some democrats that due not support that and remember in the us senate republican keep saying I object to anything that tries to get passed with republicans in control that balance will be off and the poor need to worry. But with the us house republican senate democrat that is how i like it, Des moines police did a good job with the arrest people would have died.

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