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Braley Hosts Rally With Massachusetts Senator

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Braley Warren

DES MOINES, Iowa – Democratic Congressman Bruce Braley rallied across the state on Sunday with the help of some out-of-state support.

More than 600 supporters poured into the Hotel Fort Des Moines to hear Braley and Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren speak. Warren’s visit to Des Moines focused heavily on the importance of college affordability.

“We now live in a world where the kids whose parents can’t afford to write a check for college. People need those diplomas to get a chance to get into the middle class.”

She says the federal government charges students too much on their loans. Congressman Braley agreed college should be more affordable, mentioning that he and his wife, Carrol, had to work throughout college to pay off their student loans.

“College affordability has always been a top priority, that’s why when I went to Congress, I voted to extend access to Pell grants, voted to cut the interest rates on federal loans in half, introduced tax cuts for students and parents for tuition and college expenses,” the Senate hopeful said.

Braley is in a heated race against Republican Joni Ernst. Sunday, the Cedar Rapids Gazette Editorial board endorsed him to replace the retiring Tom Harkin in the Senate.


  • Bob Rooney (@BobRooneyA)

    Border Patrol on alert after 71 people from hard-hit Ebola countries illegally enter U.S. this year.
    Obama and the Democrats are not going to protect us. They won’t ban flights from Africa or seal the border.
    God help us if the Democrats keep the senate.

  • Fiddlesticks

    Halloween came 12 days early. This nag is a bigtime liberal extremist who should scare the life out of any responsible person with any common sense. And Braley and his group of campaign cash funnelers try to accuse Ernst of being ‘extreme’. Warren is as liberal as they come, with an extremist streak as long as anyone. Therefore, Braley is guilty by association. Not that he really needed any help with that effort.

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