Suspect Claims Man Would Harm Kids During Pharmacy Robbery

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DES MOINES, Iowa — Four people have been arrested and charged in connection to a robbery at a Des Moines Walgreens.

It happened at East 25th and Euclid, Monday around 4:00 a.m. A pharmacist said a woman came and told him a man had her children and would hurt them if she didn’t bring him a certain prescription painkiller. The pharmacist handed over six bottles with over 500 pills.

That woman was later identified as Andrea Small. A witness saw her get into a car and gave police the license number. They tracked the car to a house on Richmond Avenue.

Police say Small was there with Adam Gritton, Kristina Blake, and Whitney Wall. The pills and the clothing Small was wearing at the pharmacy were located at the home.

All four are charged with possession with intent to deliver. Small also faces a second degree robbery charge.


  • K

    Hopefully the pharmacist was fired and their license is under review for revocation.

    And doesn’t it make you smile to be reminded you are not one of the garbage people in this world…

  • Ugh

    Shouldn’t we be talking about the fact that all 4 were WHITE…I mean it always comes up when someone BLACK is arrested….

    • dmmc

      I agree UGH sad thing is this woman Small has always been a tweeker. I knew her many many moons ago and we worked together she was a tweeker then. To bad she doesn’t find her children good enough reason to get help for her problem. I believe the pharmacist should get in trouble if there was not an immediate threat that could be seen by the pharmacist then they could have called the cops right then and there to protect the children and fill the bottles with aspirin or another drug as their back is turned when they fill the script anyways.

      • J

        Meth seems to be a choice with little or no second chances. Pot seems to be a choice with some wasted time, and lost opportunities, but often leaves a second chance to those with desire to walk away from it, and play ‘catch up’, having to work harder for a while than they might have had to

  • lsns

    I’m sure we have all seen the before drug use and after drug use photos. these four pictures are definitely the after. look at those aged faces.

  • bradley

    Actually I work for walgreens and presedure are to do what they say that anybodies life is more important than money merchandise so the followed whats suppose to happen

    • K

      So, you’re saying that with no weapon, no threatened weapon, no proof of danger, and not even evidence of danger, Walgreen’s corporate policy is to hand over controlled substances? That may be the most absurd and irresponsible policy I have ever heard.

      And I’ll bet Walgreen’s loves you making it public knowledge.

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