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Former President’s Son Compares Democrats to ‘Termites’

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DES MOINES, Iowa--Conservative talk show host and speaker Michael Reagan headlined an Iowa Republican Party dinner named in his father, Ronald's, honor Tuesday night in Des Moines. Reagan urged a room of about 500 dinner guests to do more in the final 14 days of the campaign by embracing technology, reaching out more to young people and finding reasons to vote for a Republican candidate instead of finding reasons not to vote for a Republican candidate.

Reagan also weaved in a story talking about problems homeowners have in California, where he lives. "I think of the Democrats sometimes as termites," Reagan said, "When you think of termites eating away at the foundation of your home. But in this case, they're eating away at the foundation of the country."

The dinner also featured many Republican candidates running for office, including governor, lt. governor, U.S. Senate, Congress, attorney general and state treasurer.

Republican Party of Iowa Chairman Jeff Kauffman announced that his party is now behind Democrats by just 321 in returned early ballots. Democrats traditionally successfully push early voting much better than Republicans.

Since Kauffmann took over as party chair in June, Republicans have made early voting more of a priority. But it remains to be seen whether the party's early vote totals will simply reflect more Republicans voting before election day or whether it means the party will ultimately attract more voters overall for the election.


  • John

    Reagan’s daddy is the grandfather of ISIL. Because he tucked tail and ran from Beruit, bombing US installations became fashionable in the jihadists world. I was about to re-enlist until the US turned their backs on Beruit. Republicans are like evil weevils who ruin the work of others. In this century the republicans have caused economic collapse on a worldwide scale, started a war of retribution in Afghanistan and an illegal war of greed and vengence in Irag that our grandchildren will be paying for. You can’t see this, but trickle this down.

  • Sean Faulkner

    I’d say both parties are more akin to ticks; parasites that feed off the host without contributing anything but maybe disease, fall off, molt and then crawl back up to continue the endless cycle of feeding.

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