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New Ruling in Des Moines East’s Football Forfeit Controversy

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DES MOINES, Iowa - The Iowa High School Athletic Association has announced that Des Moines East High School forfeit in their football game last Friday against Ames High School is now a “no contest.” The game will not be considered a “win” for Ames or a “loss” for East on their records.

“It wasn't our first choice, but we think it's a fair second choice to just simply erase the game from the books. Make it a ‘no contest’. It doesn't unfairly reward Ames it doesn't unfairly punish East,” said Des Moines School spokesperson Phil Roeder.

"It's not perfect, but it's time to move. It's time for both programs, both communities to move on," said Ames Superintendent Tim Taylor.

Despite agreeing to the decision by the IHSAA, both districts are still butting heads over whether the game should have been called off due to safety concerns on game day. Roeder says if there was a threat, they wouldn't put their students and fans at risk. To think otherwise, is "insulting."

"They're the ones that ignored the facts which was police found no reason not to have a game on Friday night. They found no credible safety threat at East period," said Roeder.

Taylor stands by his decision. He maintains that Ames schools never heard that Des Moines police gave the all clear.

"If I'm in a situation where I have to make that decision, safety trumps," said Taylor.

Read the statements released by Des Moines Public Schools and the Ames School District here.


    • In the trenches

      The “thugs” you refered to……do you mean the students who attend the school everyday, or the “anonymous ” person who posted a non confirmed nor substantiated threat on the internet just to see the reaction?

    • In the trenches

      I’ll give you the point that there are…..shall we say, less desirable elements in our states largest schools, but to make blanket statements about a community as a whole is wrong and you know it. Advocating for the inoscent in the situation is not whining.You want honest conversation, but your comments infer hatred and bigotry. You probably dn’t mean it to be so but it sure comes across that way.

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