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Des Moines School Board Calls for Changes at IHSAA

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DES MOINES, Iowa — The fight over the cancelled Ames versus East football game is over but the controversy surrounding the issue continues.

Tuesday, the two schools and the Iowa High School Athletic Association agreed to re-classify Friday’s cancelled game as a “no contest.” That means neither team received a win or a loss.

But there are still some unanswered questions about the situation. Tuesday night the Des Moines school board weighed in on the original decision and the connotations of the IHSAA’s decision.

The Des Moines Register reports the board discussed the bias urban school districts face.

“Here again we’re getting painted with broad brush that here’s Des Moines, we’ve got a bunch of thugs and gun slingers walking around,” said board member Bill Howard. “I want the people of Des Moines to understand that this is the perception that is out there…I think it’s time for us to be getting a whole lot more proactive.”

The board wants better representation of urban schools on the IHSAA’s board and Superintendent Tom Ahart also expressed concern that there isn’t a defined process in place for districts that want to challenge a decision by the association.


    • Fighting Narrow Minds

      Is it possible that your world view is smaller than your “pinky finger”?
      I am surprised that your comments weren’t filled with highly intellectual tidbits like “them thar city folk” or “he ma, where is my white sheet and hood, its meetin nite”?

      • Fighting Narrow Minds

        I’m a proud, hardworking, middle aged, middle class white, conservative man and your racially motivated, bigoted hatred embarrasses me.

      • In the trenches

        The truth based on what???????
        You have difinitive proof?
        You’ve conducted research?
        You’ve held interviews?
        You’ve pulled demographic statistics?
        You’ve vetted all your findings?

        Or did your mother/sister inbreed the truth for you.

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