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Fifth Graders Raise Money Collecting Clothes

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BOONE, Iowa -- School fundraisers are a part of life, but one group of students decided to get cash for their class by collecting instead of selling.

A group of 5th Graders came together with the idea to raise money for United Community School District. Student Keilah Brewer says, "We want extra math resources, like new stuff for math because we want to be better at math."

They decided a dance might be too much work and didn’t want to sell anything, so they found a new way to raise the funds. They’re collecting clothes in exchange for money through a textile recycling organization called Closets to Cash. PTO Member and Mom Valerie Brewer says, "It's much easier. The parents don't have to write us any checks."

The drive started about two weeks ago and runs through Friday. The group has collected about 13,000 pounds so far. The goal is 18,000. Aurora Bettazza says, “We get 7 cents a pound until we meet our goal, and then we get 10 cents a pound.”

The group hopes to raise $2,000 through the project. Student Evelyn Bell says, "Clean out your closets and you might find stuff you can't wear, or you might find one shoe you can't wear, stained clothes you can't wear. Put them in a bag, send them to United and then we'll box them and get money for us.”

The 10 students are boxing up the clothes before school and during recess. They’ll load all the boxes on a truck Friday. The company Closets to Cash will recycle it. Mrs. Brewer says, “Some of it will go back to Goodwill, others will go to Central America and Africa. The rest will be shredded and made into rags.”

Items accepted are: clothing of all types and sizes, socks, shoes of any kind, belts, purses and handbags, bath towels, wash cloths and robes, bed sheets and blankets, kitchen towels and cloth napkins, stuffed animals and soft toys (no hard toys.)

You can drop off items at United Community School District located at 1284 U Avenue. The doors to the lobby on the south side of the building are open 24 hours a day.

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