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Iowa Couple Learns of Pregnancy on Day Baby is Born

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CEDAR RAPIDS, Iowa — An Iowa couple found out they are new parents after the woman went into labor.

Until Misty Beaty walked into the emergency room at St Luke’s in Cedar Rapids Monday morning with abdominal pain, she had no idea she was even pregnant, much less full term and ready to deliver, KCRG reports.

“I was stunned, it didn’t even seem real,” Beaty said.

The shock was primarily due to the father’s medical history.

Five years ago, Scott Steele was diagnosed with stage four colorectal cancer.

He’s gone through extensive chemotherapy, and relapses, and was told without medical intervention he’d probably never become a father.

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Then little Briggs, all seven pounds 14 ounces, arrived on the scene to confound those predictions.

“I’m still in disbelief. Part of me is so excited and feel so blessed and part of me is like, really,” Steele said.

Baby Briggs will likely be released from hospital at the end of the week but since the couple wasn’t prepared for his arrival, there are no diapers, no baby clothes and no furniture.

Beaty says some who hear their story may question how she couldn’t tell she was pregnant for all those months.

“I didn’t have the weight gain, didn’t have the nausea, none of the morning sickness that goes along with pregnancy. Nothing.”


  • Kaff

    “One of those fat Iowa women that don’t even know they’re pregnant til they give birth” lol
    I’m sorry, but it’s called being in tune with your body.

    • Joellen Jepson

      Really? Your comment is so rude! Is it hard for you to be happy for an addition to this coyple’s life? Why? Try being happy. You might like the feeling!

    • Laura

      If you have to be “sorry” for your response then you should be say it at all… crazy situation yes, but a blessing that they have a healthy child.

  • Sue

    kaff you are a jerk!
    The husband/father in this story thought he would never be a father. What a wonderful surprise for both of them!!
    It’s obvious you are a man, a woman would not make such an uneducated comment. Women being pregnant and not knowing it happens more than you would think. it isn’t always dead to rights obvious that you are pregnant.
    Why don’t you just keep your mouth shut and move along…..troll!

  • so be it

    “I didn’t have the weight gain, didn’t have the nausea, none of the morning sickness that goes along with pregnancy. Nothing.”
    Nothing, as in no period for 9 months??? Really know what your body is doing.

  • Bob Loblaws

    How daft could this lady be? Her breasts would’ve been tender, she wouldn’t have had a period for 3/4 of a year, she wouldn’t have been able to be on any hormonal supplements or birth control pills, she would’ve had a massive flux of hormones and mood swings.

    While it’s great to see that she’s has a full family now, why wouldn’t she have been more aware of the reaction to her body? How’s the infant going to turn out if she was eating, drinking, consuming the wrong things?

    I smell drama … and it’s a complete fabrication to try and make herself famous

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