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Motel Guests Forced Out After Building Condemned

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URBANDALE, Iowa -- It's moving day for the 30 or so remaining long term residents of the Villa Lodge Motel in Urbandale. The city has condemned the 41-year old building.  With a leaky roof and complaints about pests, the city has deemed the building unfit for occupancy, and the guests that remain here are forced to move. Residents we spoke with didn’t want to leave.

"I ride my bike all through the neighborhood. Through the street. Nice and clean neighborhood. No vandalism. Real peaceful,"  said resident Alan Bideaux.  Resident Andrew Smith echoed those beliefs.   "I like the people, I like the atmosphere, it's quiet. I don't feel threatened at all," Smith said.

Manager Paul Hewitt says the motel is working to make the improvements the city wants.  "The city says everybody has to be gone and we're doing our part to work with the city and comply with what they requested,” Hewitt said.

Any residents that stay past Friday could be fined $750 per day.

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