Iowa Fugitive Gets Chased by Coyotes, Calls Police for Help

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MUSCATINE, Iowa — An eastern Iowa fugitive called 911 for help after a pack of coyotes chased him just days after escaping police custody.

Daniel Rice, 21, was getting transferred from Muscatine County Jail on Monday to a local hospital for treatment when he managed to slip out his handcuffs and flee wearing just his hospital gown, the Muscatine Journal reports.

On Wednesday, officers in Illinois received a call of two men being chased by a pack of wild coyotes in a wildlife preserve in Illinois City, Illinois.

Police say Rice made the call using a false name.

Deputies recognized the Muscatine man and booked him into the county jail. He’s being held on a $50,000 bond for escaping from custody. He also faces previous charges of theft, criminal mischief and burglary.


  • Sue

    Joe Stinky Finger –
    a) coyotes are pack animals, not the loners that we like to think of them as. A family unit will generally remain together.
    b) if these men have never been around coyotes, having the animals in the same general area could have been misconstrued as ‘stalking’ them.

    I don’t think we need to get too worried about being taken over by packs of wild coyotes.

    • iamjoespinkyfinger

      I never said wolves were solitary animals, but pack hunting is not typical behavior, but evideince is growing across the country that there is a behavorial shift towards it as they adapt to enviromental influences.

      Coyotes also traditionally avoid human contact, but there are growing reports of predatory behavior towards humans, several attacks and at least one death.

      There was nothing sensationalist nor exaggerated in my statement, but you of course decided to run with it as if it were to satisfy your need to imagine your right.

  • Sue

    Oh, and….these two guys were hiding on a GAME PRESERVE! animals quite often tend to be more prolific and less frightened there since hunting is much more controlled, if allowed at all.

  • Jake

    Pretty sad that this guy has a $50,000 bond for escaping from prison, yet a man charged with vehicular manslaughter gets off with a $16,000 bond..

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