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Bruce Braley Speaks to Grassroots Volunteers in Western Iowa

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FORT DODGE, Iowa - With only seven days left on the campaign trail, Representative Bruce Braley (D-Waterloo) wants supporters to turn up the heat. The Democratic candidate for Iowa's 1st Congressional District says he still thinks there are a lot of Iowans who haven't made up their mind on one of the nation's tightest Senate races.

"I just need seven more days," he said. "Seven more days of your lives, knocking on doors, making those calls, getting those early ballots in. Because together, we can make a difference for the next six years in Iowa."

The congressman is in the midst of a heated race against Republican candidate, Joni Ernst (R-Red Oak), and some have accused both campaigns of excessive negative attack advertisements against the other.

"The reason there's so much negativity is because, the way the system works now, is you have a lot of secret donors, who fund these attack ads, who don't have to identify whose paying for them," he said. "And often don't have to report on where their money comes from, or how they're spending it, until after the election is over."

Braley will be joined by President Bill Clinton and former Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton, later this week; Hillary Clinton will join him Wednesday in Davenport, and her husband will campaign for the congressman over the weekend in Des Moines and Waterloo.


  • DSM Tim

    Really,…… come on WHO one sided reporting is going over the top at your station. Your covering Brantley, I mean Branigan oh nevermind, you covering whats his name talking to 15 people in Ft Dodge in the old coffee shop.

  • Right Wing Patriot

    Why is this news…candidates do this all the time. Maybe WHO trying to keep Bailey’s name in the forefront.

  • Matthew

    Both cndidates sicken me!! All the wasted money trying to buy the election. If Braley voted with Obama as often as the ads say then he, obviously, has no common sense and is a terrible candidate for Iowa. And if Joni Ernst can’t see the light when it comes to clean air and water, two basic necessaties in life, then we are all screwed. Good luck Iowa, we are going down the crapper!

  • Clyde

    Joni doesn’t want clean air and water? I must have missed that one. Oh wait it’s the EPA!!! Ok lets have a few quick examples why the EPA is good for you. The old cow tax because it flatuates. They actually had planned to tax farmers because a cow flatuates. Actually what comes out their mouth was worse but ok they backed off on that one. How bout this, R22 has been banned because of Chlorine in it, It has to be reclaimed. So they come up with R410 with no chlorine in it. But it still needs reclaimed, but nobody knows why.. Only a $ 10,000 fine if you don’t. But they change it to Joni wants bad water and air.

  • tom sullivan

    hey the des moines liberal rag endorsed this guy and fact checker found that he voted to raise taxes 1 trillion dollars

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