Cub Scout Troop’s Trailer Stolen

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DES MOINES, Iowa -- Over the weekend, Cub Scout Pack 193 had its trailer stolen from a North Des Moines neighborhood.

Cubmaster, Tim Peak says over the weekend the pack's $1,500 trailer disappeared.

The trailer was clearly marked by a mural saying, Boy Scouts of America-Boy Scout Troop 193 on the side.

“Anybody who would hook onto that trailer would obviously know it belongs to a boy scout troop or in this case the pack,” Peak said.

The pack is made up of about 25 seven- to ten-year-old boys.

The group uses the trailer several times a year for camping trips and for their annual outing to camp Mitigwa. Peak says the cost to get a new one just isn't in the budget.

“We live on donations, popcorn sales just wrapped up. So we use that money to help pay for kids to go to camps and go to outings throughout the year and unfortunately the cost of a new trailer would outweigh what the pack can afford to buy,” Peak said.

Peak is hoping someone has seen the trailer around town or knows who has it.

“I would just plead for the person who took it just to return it, do a good deed as a scout would do and give us the trailer back,” Peak added.

If you’ve seen the trailer or know where it is you can report it anonymously to Crime Stoppers at 223-1400.

Picture of stolen trailer.(Courtesy: Karen Davis Ihnen)

Picture of stolen trailer.(Courtesy: Karen Davis Ihnen)



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