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Passenger Service Returning to Fort Dodge Airport

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fort dodge air service

FORT DODGE, Iowa — It has been a long wait, but Fort Dodge area travelers will have air service returning soon. The US Department of Transportation has selected Air Choice One of St. Louis to provide commuter service to Fort. Dodge. The federally subsidized service will run between St. Louis Lambert International and Fort Dodge Regional Airport.

“The airport commission and the entire airport staff are thrilled to begin offering commercial flights from the Fort Dodge Regional Airport,” said airport director, Rhonda Chambers in a news release.

The airport has been without a commercial passenger service since Great Lakes stopped service last January. That was due to a pilot shortage. Fort Dodge then had to apply to the federal government to get another air service approved.

Air Choice One will fly a turbo-prop Cessna Caravan on the St. Louis route. The aircraft holds 9-10 passengers. In St. Louis passengers can board flights from Southwest Airlines, United, US Airways, Frontier, Air Alaska, and Air Canada.

Air Choice One will have 60-90 days to begin service to Fort Dodge. The company says they will at some point announce a schedule and provide a ticket website.


  • harrisbock

    The aircraft holds 9-10 passengers? Better travel light as that small of a plane can easily become overweight with passengers, luggage and not be safe to takeoff. There is not a lot of profit margin with that few of passengers unless always full or ticket prices will be high. That explains the single engine.

    • so be it

      Why do you think the feds are subsidizing it for millions of dollars. Close the airport. My tax dollars can be better served.

      • harrisbock

        During the time they did not have commercial air service, the airport did extensive remodeling in the terminal. Totally redid the inside of the terminal, wall art, and put in a new luggage pickup area. I was wondering why spend all that money without service if they could get shut down after it was completed.

  • so be it

    Wouldn’t it be better to give each passenger $100 per flight to drive to Des Moines than $4 million a year subsidy for 5-6,000 passengers a year to fly out of Ft. Dodge.

    • harrisbock

      I live in the FD local area and have taken many flights for military temporary duties during my 23 years of guard/reserve service. A lot of us local military people logged a lot of flight miles and we always flew out of Des Moines. The only time I flew out of FD was when I was activated for Desert Storm when the whole unit was deployed, and that was on a commercial plane chartered by the military for emergency travel for a large group. We got the activation order, and 36 hours later all of us were in the air and on our way…but it was not on the normal small planes that normally serviced FD.

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