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Rubio Travels Iowa with Ernst, Also Talks 2016

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PELLA, Iowa--Iowa is the place to be for VIP supporters this week, especially when it comes to Iowa's high stakes U.S. Senate race.

Florida Senator Marco Rubio, a possible 2016 Republican presidential candidate, traveled to four Iowa towns with Ernst Tuesday. The tour started with a lunchtime rally at a Pizza Ranch in Pella, followed by stops in Oskaloosa, Williamsburg and the Reagan Dinner hosted by Scott County Republicans.

The trip gives Rubio a chance to support Ernst but also a chance to meet Iowans just in case he decides to run for president. About that experience, Rubio said, "I haven't analyzed it that way. Iowa will always figure to be an important point of choosing our nominees for our parties."

Rubio went on to say how valuable his time with Iowans could be. "You get to actually interact with people one on one," he said, "They get to meet you numerous times. They get to ask you difficult questions in a good setting. That's certainly an important part of our process."

And Rubio added that Iowa would be a part of his future, if he decides to run. "If it is in fact a decision we decide to make, we look forward to coming back many times," he said.

Rubio endorsed Ernst early in the Republican primary for retiring Senator Tom Harkin's seat, something Rubio said he rarely does. He said he did it this time because he had been impressed after meeting with Ernst in Washington, D.C. Governor Terry Branstad made the introduction Rubio said.

Rubio has not only traveled with Ernst on the campaign trail, but he has also helped her raise money. And he sent some of his staffers to the state to help with Ernst's campaign.

Here are some of Dave Price's tweets from the event in Pella: