Video Shows Woman Being Harassed While Walking Streets of NYC

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NEW YORK — A woman wearing jeans and a T-shirt walked around New York City for 10 hours, and a hidden camera recorded every step and every word spoken to her by the men she passed.

The video was posted on YouTube on Tuesday by Hollaback, a non-profit devoted to ending street harassment in cities around the world.

In the video, actress Shoshana Roberts walks silently across several neighborhoods throughout the city, and is approached and harassed by strangers.

At one point in the video, Roberts is followed for more than five minutes by a stranger. Later in the video, she is berated by a stranger trying to give her his phone number.

At the end of the video, the filmmaker reveals that in the 10 hours of shooting, Roberts was subjected to more than 100 instances of verbal street harassment.

“This doesn’t include the countless winks, whistles, etc,” the filmmaker said.

Hollaback calls on women across the world to record incidents of street harassment and share them publicly to bring both awareness to the issue, but also to bring it to an end.

“We envision a world where street harassment is not tolerated and where we all enjoy equal access to public spaces,” says the organization on its website.


    • Warvok

      exactly, and what was the name of her ‘non-profit” organization that’s accepting donations. Oh yeah, “Hollaback”

      All Bear in a later post hit the nail on the head imo.

    • Steve

      I agree with you 100%! I get that she was harassed A LOT during this time, and I don’t live in NYC where you walk everywhere, but I will say “Hi” or “Hello” to most people, male or female, especially if I make eye contact.
      A lot of the “Harassment” she posted was people just saying hi and walking by. They simply said it and kept going…..hardly worthy of being included as the “Hundred times she was Harassed”!!

  • Ebola

    Looks like she walked around the non white sleazier areas where this would be more likely to happen. Nevertheless it didn’t even amount to anything and you can’t make a generalization about all men based on this minority group. These are the lower classes who apparently have nothing to do all day but hang around and annoy people.

    • dirtyred

      if she was in a white area she probably would have been raped those people have been murdering and raping everything they come across for thousands of years

  • Trish Pauleon

    Another “non-profit”. I really think there is no way to end random strangers speaking to you, in any shape or form. Since when is being called beautiful, harassment?

  • All Bear

    Wear a uniform and a badge and people will think that you are some kind of an officer or protector. Wear a big red nose with paint on your face and people will think that you are some kind of a clown. Wear dirty clothes with un-kept hygiene while begging for money or help and people will think that you are a vagabond. Wear a twenty-five to fifty-thousand dollar tailored suit and people will think that you are affluent. Wear form fitting apparel that reveals the intricate forms of the body and people will think that you are some kind of promiscuity. Appearance forms the impression that is pressed upon those around you. If you are of the opinion, perceive and or your state of mind leads you to believe that the majority is judging you on your appearance, it is true. However If you are of the opinion, perceive and or your state of mind leads you to believe that the majority judging you on your appearance is somehow not normal then you should probably seek council for some kind of a superiority issue that you may be having to pinpoint it’s origin and start your recovery process.

    • Lori Jo Bean

      It’s unkempt, not unkept. It’s promiscuous, ‘not some kind of promiscuity’. And it’s jeans and a T-shirt, which is not promiscuous, it’s just jeans and a T-shirt, a casual outfit worn by millions of people going about their business every day. What do you go out in, a giant square of burlap? Do you think women are only allowed to be shaped like women and wear casual clothes out on the street if they want to be sexually harassed, followed, whistled at, yelled at, or propositioned? Should we all go to wearing the Muslim burqas and shapeless black form-obscuring abaya before we are acceptably dressed to discourage men’s lewd attentions? For the millionth time, and we will keep saying it until ALL men get it, WOMEN ARE NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR MEN’S SELF-CONTROL–OR LACK OF IT!!! Saying hello or hi to someone is not harassment, it’s true, and I have a problem with that being included in the definition of harassment, unless someone is including openly leering looks and saying it suggestively. But most women completely understand the point of this video. Men feel far, far too free to objectify women and be sexual toward them when they don’t even know them, haven’t even been introduced, and need to learn that this is completely inappropriate and totally rude behavior. The only women you should ever be sexual toward are women who are in relationships with you and welcome it, period. Leave the rest of womanhood alone.

      • Tasha

        Exactly Lori, thank you for saying this. They just don’t get it and never will. Like I said in a previous post…you can never win, whatever you do someone is always going to think it’s wrong. It’s like someone saying to you “don’t eat that in front of me, I’m on a diet and you’re just making me hungry”. It’s ludicrous, as if they don’t have any self control. Please spare me the stupidity.

  • steve

    i think this is more about street characters, than gender. as a guy working in tech, i’ve never cared for cities much, because being in downtown chicago or new york, dealing with street characters, trying to work some kind of ‘game’ on you is constant. i remember in chicago, just returning a rental car, i couldnt even stop for gas to top it off, without some street character approaching me. going to work, just sitting at a stoplight, get some guy trying to ‘squegie’ my car with a dirty squegies that i’m sure would scratch my window -(I turned on the wipers to block him)

    the article says ‘from all backgrounds’ is that really what you saw, or was it street characters?

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