Photo Gallery: President Clinton, Bruce Braley, James Taylor Rally in Des Moines

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DES MOINES, Iowa — Democratic get out the vote efforts kicked off with a rally headlined by President Clinton in downtown Des Moines Saturday.

Simon Estes, Secretary of Agriculture Tom Vilsack, musician James Taylor and the 42nd president of the United States came to the stage to support the election efforts of Staci Appel, who is running for Congress, and Rep. Bruce Braley, who is up against Joni Ernst in a tightly fought race for Tom Harkin’s Senate seat.


  • tom sullivan

    hugo… bruce completely funded his entire campaign out of his own pocket…??? stop watching nbc and reading the liberal des moines rag… the sierra club funded brailey… bleeding heart liberal millionaires … bailey’s lies are catching up to him.. use fact checker ..typical bleeding heart liberal man calling Joni disrespectful names cuz you are frightened by a strong conservative woman …you are the whore

  • Mark

    This continues to be typical Democrat trash talk which most everyone with a neuron in their head is sick of hearing. As for the Koch bros., I really haven’t heard much of them except in Democrat rants in which they claim these two “Teaparty conservatives” are the cause of every evil which has befallen the country in the last 6 years. Well at least we don’t hear liberals blaming Bush for everything anymore. It is true the Koch bros. are billionaires and support conservative causes. So what? How convenient of the Democrats to try to makes us forget about the super liberal billionaires Michael Blumenthal of New York who isn’t content to tell New Yorkers how to live, eat and drink. He had to try to come to the Midwest and tell us. What about the foreign billionaire George Soros who constantly sticks his nose in US politics. He will die with billions. How did he get it? Why is he insistent in limiting other individuals in this country from becoming a billionaire like he is? If you’d like to review a list of American billionaires, you’ll find that there are as many or more Democrat supporters as there are conservatives. I’ve heard enough of the Koch brothers.

    • CH

      “So what?” Mark, this is the biggest problem with the conservative party. Denial, blaming, and irresponsibility. The Koch Brothers are toxic and are hijacking our elections. Conservatives think these two billionaires are going to make the country better for the average American, which is dead wrong.

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