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AGRIBUSINESS: No shortage of corn or soybeans; no shortage of harvest delays

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In Jasper County near Baxter, Brock Hansen is at work harvesting corn. He says he's about 55 percent done, but normally this time of year he's at 90 to 95 percent.  According to the Iowa Crop Progress report released last week, many other farmers are in the same boat.
One of the reasons for that is Iowa had the wettest start to fall in 25 years.
Another issue plaguing progress is better yielding corn plants, breeds today have a much woodier base, leaving farmers with corn stalks that just wont go away.
Hansen says, "I mean you can look here at this corn crop, and find actually the corn crop from two years ago."
Overall, Hansen says this year is turning out pretty well, especially on beans, most of his farms will be above the line for crop insurance, but not everyone in his area was so fortunate.
"You didn't have to travel too far away from here to get out of a good yielding area, so yeah, we had some phenomenal bean yields. Some of that I would attribute to it coming in behind some corn on corn."

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