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Both Sides Work Overtime to Get Out the Vote

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DES MOINES, Iowa — The latest Des Moines Register poll shows an increasing gap as republicans appear to be gaining some breathing room in both the senate and governor’s races.

The polls won’t mean much if the voters don’t get their ballots in.

“It is about turning out our supporters in the last few days. We’re making sure we get all of the volunteers we can out there and pounding the pavement and knocking on those doors,” said Christina Freundlich, a spokesperson for the Iowa Democratic Party.

Volunteers on both sides were busy Sunday working the phones and walking door to door encouraging voters to turn out on November 4th

Both sides say they’re keying in on independent voters and people who didn’t vote in the last midterm election.

So far, democrats hold a slight lead in when it comes to early voting.

However, republicans say this is to their advantage as the GOP typically has a better turn out on Election Day.

“We are neck and neck with the democrats in early voting when they generally do much better than us in those early votes. We expect to carry the momentum into Election Day and we’re doing everything we can to get every single voter to the polls,” said Michael Brickman, a spokesperson for the Republican Party of Iowa.

Both sides say they encourage those voting by absentee to get their ballots in by Monday, November 3rd to guarantee they can be counted on election night.

People who need a lift to the polls on Election Day can contact party headquarters to arrange it.

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