Former Officer’s Excessive Force Trial Declared Mistrial

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DES MOINES, Iowa — A mistrial was declared Saturday in the federal trial of a former Des Moines police officer.

The jury couldn’t decide on one count of excessive force against Colin Boone, but the jury did find Boone not guilty of the second count of falsifying records in connection to the case.

Boone is accused of kicking a man in the head while he was being held to the ground by two other officers during a Feburary 2013 traffic incident. The suspect had injuries to his head and face.

Another trial will be scheduled to determine a verdict on the charge of excessive force.



    • Paul

      That’s how you do it when your too fat to bend over. Stupid jury needs a kick in the teeth for not convicting him.

  • Dan Mills (@sllimdan)

    He should be retried for the 1 time he got caught. You can see this cowardly obese cop kicked people when they are done probably since he was given power. Picked on as a child were you, get over it, it doesn’t mean you can abuse the rest of the public. Send him to jail!! A black, mexican, or low/mid class white kid would be already gone for felony assault.

  • Clyde

    Lets don’t forget….. one of his buddy’s just happened to be reaching for a donut at the time and didn’t see anything. the other was trying to assist in the donut apprehenshion, he just missed what happened. And all this because of a traffic stop. Real Hero’s, ya gotta admit.
    I’d have a different outlook I suppose, but when you see a sergeant tell an officer after a deal that what happened is not what happened, it was this way and you report it this way. Takes all the wind out of integrity.

  • John

    Classy comments here. Anyone want to comment on the people this officer saved from a car accident? How many of you have ever been in the same situation as Officer Boone? I find it disgraceful that there are so many “fat” comments on here. Post a picture fellow commentators. I bet several of you don’t like looking in the mirror while naked.

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