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Iowa Secretary of Agriculture Position Decided November 4

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This year, the position of Iowa Secretary of Agriculture is up for election.

The Republican incumbent is Secretary Bill Northey seeking a third term. He is a fourth generation farmer and former Iowa Farm Bureau president.

Earlier this year we interviewed Northey on what he wants to accomplish if he is reelected. He says he's already seen momentum in Iowa's water quality, and hopes to see more conservation practices in fields across the state.

He says, "There's always interactions with government, federal government as well as state government. I think we look at rules and regulations that continue to seem like they increase a little bit at a time from Washington, It's one of the reasons we're addressing water quality as aggressively as we are in a voluntary way."

The Democrat candidate is Sherrie Taha, she is the current Polk County Soil and Water Conservation Commissioner.

Earlier this year we asked Taha about her plan as Iowa Secretary of Agriculture. She says her campaign focuses on improving soil health, managing water quality statewide, and reintegrating local food production into local economies.

Taha says her job gives her an edge, "Well I'm a boots on the ground kind of person. I'm also a policy wonk, and being a commissioner for the Polk county soil and water conservation district kind of enables me to get a handle on what specific kind of cost-share programs are available for those on the ground practices. And really have a better understanding for just an intellectual standpoint from a policy standpoint. That makes a big difference."

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  • iamjoespinkyfinger

    Let’s see, in Iowa it will need to be someone farm bureau approves no matter what party, someone who supports farm welfare, someone who supports farm deregulation, someone who supports ethanol and someone who supports tax breaks for farmers.

    And someone who doesn’t really serve anyone else but farmers.

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